Wordless Wednesday–I No Look at You Mommy 14

Roxy No Look at Mommy(1)Roxy No Look at Mommy(2)Roxy No Look at Mommy(3)

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  • aprilaakre

    aww she is just so cute

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    Thanks April!! I figure Wordless Wednesday will mostly focus on her, just cause lol

  • theresaoconnell

    Love the photos! It’s so hard to get one of Prudence looking at me too!

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    She is such a turd butt, she seems me with the camera and is like nope – not going to pose 😉

  • http://laikashundeliv.blogspot.com/ Laika

    Sooo cute :-)

  • Jessica French

    Aw, it’s lovely to see another Shih Tzu around! You are super cute Roxy!

    Lots of love, woofs and wags!
    Jessica, Charlie Boy, Roman and Brooke xxxx


  • http://www.carmapoodale.com/ Carma Poodale Allen

    That was so cute. I do the same thing to ma sometimes and it just drives her crazy…Its not to far of a drive. BOL!

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    Well Carma, you are a naughty little thing too aren’t you? You and my Roxy girl would get along happily then teasing your Mommies.

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    she has some poodle in her too, but that doesn’t come across as much as her shih tzu :)

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    Thanks Laika!

  • Chelsea Price

    Ha! The title of this post made me laugh out loud! My dog does the same thing, sneaking little side-eyed glances at me and then looking away :) Roxy is a beautiful girl!

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    hehe so cute, I love that your baby does the same thing. Silly things! Thank you, she sure knows she is cute too.

  • Happy Healthy Dog Blog

    She’s gorgeous, and definitely has attitude in those pics!

  • http://penguinsangel.blogspot.com/ Angie Agerter

    Thank you :)