Win PayPal in this Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop ends May 17, 2017

No secret around here, giveaways are filled with happy juice.  Not only do they make me happy to enter them myself, it is just as exciting to host them.  Which is why I am thrilled to be taking part in another fun-filled giveaway hop. Your chance to win $25 PayPal in this Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop. Enter mine and then hop around to everyone else to enter some more fun giveaways!

New to giveaway hop. Enter the one below, then visit each one listed at the bottom of the page. Visit each one and have even more chances to win some amazing prizes. May the odds be in your favor!

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My Giveaway – Win $25 PayPal

Win $25 PayPal

Enter my giveaway in the Gleam platform below. Open to anyone with a valid PayPal account. The winner will have 48 hours from the time I email them as the winner to get back to or I will be forced to pick a new winner.  Entries may change over the course of the giveaway, so come back daily to check & gain your daily entry.

Good luck!

Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop

Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop


Have fun and again good luck! May you win more than one giveaway! 

The Kids Did It and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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  • Meegan

    I am looking forward to visiting my Mom and Mother-in-Law for Mother’s day next weekend!

  • Elena

    I am going on a road trip in June

  • Marti Tabora

    I really don’t have any plans except for some spring cleaning at home. Not much fun, but it’s what I’m doing. Thank you.

  • shellypeterson

    I have no plans so far.

  • Janet Watson

    No special plans for May. Just helping my grandsons get through the end of the school year!

  • sandra

    going to my niece’s college graduation

  • Natalie

    I am training for a marathon this May and June!

  • abfantom

    I will be planting in the flower beds and garden this May

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • Outrun1986

    I do not have much planned for May and June.

  • Donna Newman

    I don’t really have anything planned other than maybe going to see Wonder Woman at the theater .

  • Andrea

    We will be doing some shopping, visiting the zoo and just having fun!

  • I’ll be doing a lot of cat-sitting while other people travel.

  • Glogirl3

    We have a family reunion in June that my mom’s side of the family is responsible for. I have been busy helping and planning the event.

  • Julie Lundstrom

    I have no plans but summer walks and enjoy the weather.

  • Shelley Butcher

    I’ll be going to see my grandkids

  • Anita Mitchell

    Spending time with my grand children.

  • C. Jackson

    I don’t have any plans but the $25 would be great to help go towards a cookout.

  • Tammy Iler

    Today is May 4th….may the 4th be with you so we are watching star wars today!

  • My birthday is in May and the Hubs will be buying me a lobster dinner. Can’t wait!

  • lacey waters

    May and June are planting and harvesting here on our farm 🙂

  • Kelly Nicholson

    May is here. Do you have any special plans for May or June? I’d love to
    hear all the details. Maybe you’ll use the $25 toward that fun!

    no plans yet…maybe if im lucky thanks

  • Phyllis Profitt-Sanders

    I don’t have any plans just yet but I’m hoping to take my daughter to the beach for the first time if only for a day or so.

  • Kayla Klontz

    I dont have anything too special planned, just plans to spend time with my kids!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    I don’t have anything super special planned yet 🙂


  • Jennylyn Gross

    my daughter’s graduation and party

  • Sherri K

    No plans that I know of. If I win maybe I could fill up my gas tank and go for a drive.

  • Sarah Blake

    I’m going to a matryoshka festival in may but no other plans 🙂

  • Solange

    We are going to Florida in June.

  • starzine

    I plan on taking a vacation.

  • Christy Maurer

    My son has summer classes for college, so no big plans. We’ll probably do weekend stuff.

  • Sherry Compton

    My grandson graduates middle school in May plus it’s his birthday so I’m going to visit.

  • elena

    Unfortunately May and June will be filled with a lot of duties and almost no fun for me…aka I have the exams session! but after that I’m planning an amazing holiday with friends and I’m definitely going to use the $25 for that porpouse….well, of course, if I win it…

  • Judy Cowan

    Our plans are to try and get in lots of camping! We also have several birthdays and a family reunion in those two months.

  • Marlene V

    We plan on doing some camping. We also have two kids graduating (one from grade 12 and one from University) and we will be attending their graduations as well!!

  • cge_ingat

    we’re planning to go on a trip and have some quality time bonding together with the family…

  • Christy Peeples DuBois

    We usually have a beach trip during June. We haven’t made reservations yet and need to if we are going. I will use the $25 visa for extra spending money.

  • Donna B

    During May and June we will be working hard in our garden so that this winter we can reap the rewards.

  • Wen Budro

    During June, I will probably start a small garden. I lack a green thumb so I’m hoping I still grow something successfully.

  • carawling

    So far we don’t have any plans, we are trying to go somewhere in August-September.

  • Jessica Cox

    I have no plans just trying to get the kids through the school year

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  • Robin

    No big plans..except maybe do a little fishing at the near by lakes here in Missouri.

  • tiffany dayton

    Like to finish our back deck.

  • Heidi C.

    My two sets of twins have their birthdays coming up so we have some festivities to look forward to in May and June.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We took a hike then came home and grilled. I hope you had a nice day!

  • Molli Vandehey

    no solid plans yet but my husband is taking a week off work so hopefully something cool

  • Stacy

    Over Father’s Day weekend I am taking my Mom and Grandma to South Carolina for some family time. Last time we went up for a funeral, so it will be nice to be going for some fun this time.

  • Daniel M

    don’t have any plans, just trying to survive another week

  • Dan

    We have 3 birthdays to celebrate in May and June.

  • Angela saver

    We will be celebrating serveral birthdays and making a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

  • elizabeth m

    Our plans include getting the garden planted and my one granddaughter will turning 1 and we will be having a big party.

  • jalapenomama

    Mother’s Day was Sunday.
    I was treated to a most fantastic buffet!
    And a beautiful patio flower.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  • Margaret Appel

    Our plans currently include a family get-together towards the end of May once the kiddos are out of school, making a couple around town trips to visit local sights, and perhaps the beach later in June or July.

  • Debbie Penney

    My Birthday is May 26 and I plan on spending and enjoying it with my hubby and sister and her hubby and kids!!! I cant wait!! I am wanting a tablet if I won I would save it until I can buy one 🙂

  • Alona Young

    We may be taking a small family trip to the beach, our daughter is really excited to go to the aquarium for the first time!

  • Dolores Miranda

    We are taking a vacation in June to Florida!!

  • I’m planning a quick overnight trip down to Arkansas within the next couple of weeks. SO looking forward to a little break from “real” life to do some exploring!

  • Ann Marie

    Unfortunately I don’t have any extra special, fun plans coming up. 🙂 That said, I would like to try and catch a concert/show or two — any kind of live music!

  • Heather Miller

    Dont have any special plans but to have some family get togethers,camping and fishing

  • Stephanie

    We are going to a lake for a week with family, and we are also preparing for baby #2 so it will be a busy start to the summer!

  • Trisha Musgrave

    We will be celebrating my middle child’s birthday in June! Camping is probably on the horizon to!

  • Hannah C

    Well, I have a birthday coming up this weekend, but that’s about it! 🙂

  • K Davis

    My husband’s birthday is in June, as well as Father’s day. Sometimes they fall on the same day. 🙂 I would love to do something special for him.

  • Laura

    No special plans here. Just enjoying the summertime and warm weather!

  • Zoey

    I have family in town this weekend. I’m really looking forward to seeing them!

  • Charity Ann Cram

    My sister and her kids are coming to visit for the summer in June. I can hardly wait to see them! Thank you for the chance to win!