Beauty Monday: Getting Stylin’ with InStyler Hair Tools #RSVPInStyler #gotitfree #giveaway ends 12/14

Thanks to VocalPoint & InStyler for these three InStyler hair tools for me to review for free!  The outgoing links are affiliate links and I will get a kick back if you order through them. I love the way my hair feels when its just right in my eyes.  Where I can run my fingers […]

Beauty Monday: Final Results with System Hinoki #hinokioil

It has came the time to share my final thoughts and result pictures of using the 4-part System Hinoki for thinning hair.  If you recall, I have done two other posts about my progress – Start and Mid-Point check-ins.  The last post several of you pointed how the difference I too saw in my first […]

Beauty Monday: Looking for a new Oil Free Face Wash? #agelessderma

A little side note before I get started out on this review. I renamed the main weekly segment of Makeup Monday to Beauty Monday‘s so I may include anything related to the care of our bodies that help make us feel beautiful. The tag will still say Makeup Monday, but its an all-encompassing beauty products […]

New ChapStick Hydration Lock Day & Night #PutYourLipsFirst

I received this product free to review from Smiley360. If you are anything like me, then you might have chapsticks, lip glosses and other forms of lip products shoved into various areas of your home, car, or even your office.  Because you never know when you might want it or need it.  Having it on […]

Second Month into a 3 Month Hair Challenge with System Hinoki #hinokioil

I am getting this post up a little later than I intended to.  So in all actuality it’s 2 1/2 months into my journey with the 4-part system with Hinoki.  As I previous mentioned in my first post 1 Month into a 3 Month Hair Challenge with System Hinoki, this is a 4-part system that […]

Toned Facial Skin with little effort with Vitamin C Facial Toner #instanatural

Using a toner for my skin just isn’t something that has come natural to me as has been washing my face, applying moisturizer, and lip balm.  I just don’t think about toner.  While I know it can greatly help the skin, I need to use it more.  Then here comes along Vitamin C Facial Toner […]

Getting Clear Skin with ClearProof from MaryKay #Giveaway ends 10/12 10p.m.(PST)

Each day I look into the mirror, I swear there are more red spots over my face.  It’s rare that I get up and I don’t cringe at what has decided to appear on my face.  Yes, we are talking about adult acne.  Why we must deal with it now in our 30’s I don’t […]

InstaNatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil #InstaNatural

I walk upstairs to get ready for bed each night and dread my long routine but know I’ll hate myself if I don’t do each step.  I swear to myself each night that I’ll come upstairs earlier so I can do it all and still be in bed in time to relax and read.   […]

Silky Smooth with Skintimate #SamplingSkintimate #SkintimateHappyLegs

I like smooth legs.  I one of those people that are always touch their own legs.  I don’t want stubble on them, I don’t want long hair.  All I want is soft smooth skin that is touchable. Doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, I must have smooth legs.   Which is why I was […]

1 Month into a 3 Month Hair Challenge with System Hinoki #hinokioil

Simply straightening my hair each time, I look down and there is a mass amount of hair laying on the ground around me.  I am losing hair, while looking at me no one would notice that I seem to be thinning out, but I notice and that in itself is annoying me.  Putting my hair […]