Week 11 #CatchtheMoment365 for 2014

Already 11 weeks in to the new year.  Hard to believe its almost April already.  Where oh where has the time gone?  I am so thankful for this challenge, to get me to thinking and to remember to do something every single day even if its I don’t remember until 10 minutes before bedtime, I […]

Week 10 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Most of this past week was just Roxy photo love.  I know some of you won’t mind that at least.  I just didn’t get out much.  Pictures proof of that.  Thankfully weather is starting to improve so that means a lot more walks and much more interesting pictures coming up!Mindi of Simply Stavish, Sarah of […]

Week 9 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Another week of the amazing challenge has came to a close.  Do you find it hard to believe that I am still enjoying this to the fullest?  I so can do this whole year with ease.  I got this!We have one more photo this week from our vacation and then you are back to my […]

Week 8 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Trying to get back on track with everything after vacation has been very hard.  I thought I’d have a decent connection, but that wasn’t the case – I had a VERY VERY slow DSL that crawled more then anything.  I therefore couldn’t do much in terms of working, and it left me so far behind […]

Week 7 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Another mundane, every day kind of week for me, but hopefully I captured some fun things you’ll find appealing.  I still can’t believe we are 7 weeks past already, its truly flying by and am so happy to be a part of the Catch The Moment 365 and look forward to the weeks to come.  […]

Week 6 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Here we have another week already gone for Catch the Moment 365, hard to believe we already have six weeks fully gone of the year.  This challenge has been amazingly fun for me to see what shots I can get each day, especially when most days are pretty boring and routine in my life.  Even […]

Week 5 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Here we are in the 5th week of Catch The Moment and surprisingly I am still just as excited by this whole challenge as I was on day one.  Yes, I sometimes don’t remember, still, to take a picture or something until almost bed time, but I do end up remembering and documenting something at […]

Week 4 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

Fourth week is now complete for Catch The Moment 365, and I am still just as excited as ever on this challenge and believe it is a challenge quite often to remember to take a picture especially when nothing is going on.  Thus far, I have done it though, again some nights I don’t remember […]

Week 3 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

I am still so excited by this challenge and that I have made it the full three weeks.  I have plans for the whole nine yards, but you never know what might happen.  There were some times when I almost forgot to take a picture on a day so had to look around really quickly […]

Week 2 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

I have to say that this week’s photo’s are not my best by any means, but they are pictures and one for each day.  Although I almost had NONE, I was trying to get back the one photo I had accidentally deleted and somehow ended up deleting everything.  Thankfully I have a very tech savvy husband, and […]