Vampire Vic Book Review

I have had the pleasure of reading Vampire Vic by Harris Gray.  I don’t know if you saw earlier or not, but I did a little blimp on the Harris Gray team last month too, in hopes of getting you hyped for the book reviews I am doing on Vampire Vic and Vampire Vic 2: […]

Stone Cold Case Book Review

I was excited to get the offer to read Stone Cold Case by Catherine Dilts.  The description of the book sounded amazingly fun, as I love a good mystery.  I am happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed in the least and now am anxious to get my hands on the first book of the […]

Australian Tea Tree Oil by Emmi’s Essentials #Giveaway ends 9/12 #EETEATREEOIL

I was so excited when I was able to do the review for this tea tree oil, I’ve wanted to try it for quite a long time but hadn’t broken down yet to buy it myself. I really wanted to try it out on my acne, as I heard such amazing things about it tackling […]

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil #BeautyMonday

I’m all about testing out new beauty products.  It really doesn’t matter what type of beauty product it is or if I rarely use it on a regular basis myself.  I’ll test that baby out just for something new to play with and maybe fall in love with. One of the best parts of me […]

Do A Spa Day At Home with Moroccan Products #BeautyMonday

I love pampering myself with beauty products.  Taking a bit of extra time a day or two out of the week.  It makes me feel revived and just overall better with how I look and even how I feel overall.  Even with my love of pampering myself, I have never been to an actual spa. […]

GuardFit Calf Compression Sleeves #guardfit

I don’t personally play sports or run or anything where I’d personally need calf compression sleeves, but as most of you know my husband plays indoor soccer two to three times a week.  Therefore, he needs them not only to help hold up his shin guards but to help his calves stay happy and healthy […]

Mop and Broom Organizer – Making Organizing Easy #mopbroom

I’m an organizer.  I like things in their place and a certain place for everything.  To me, it just looks better and it’s easier to find what you want or need each time. Looking at our house right now though you’d never guess that.  Our house is a hot mess.  There is a washer and […]

Get Your Grill On With This BBQ Grill Mats

Summertime.  The word itself brings to mind images of warm temperatures, laughter and overall just being relaxed and happy.  Those long summer evenings spent enjoy each other and enjoying those meals brought to you by your grill.  The grill sometimes seems like a magic being that brings together people and helps mold relationships.   We […]

Interested in Pure Lemon Essential Oil? #lalunenaturals

I’m just beginning to learn about oils and have a true interest in them using them myself.  I am still not grand on understanding where to use them or how, but I am learning along the way.  I figure the only way you are to learn is by doing and trying things.   Oils have […]

Want an Easy Way to Ease Those Cold Symptoms?

I am not one to go back and talk about a past product I reviewed.  Unless something really blows me away about it or I get another paid/product placement for it.  I mean it’s already on the blog, why come back to it?   Today though, I just had to come back to a product […]