Roxy Enjoys the Epica Slicker Brush #slicker

Roxy has long hair.  It’s also slightly curly once it grows a bit because of the part poodle in her.  She doesn’t have a lot of curl to her hair, but enough where its hard for us to groom her.  I can brush her tail and ears usually with ease, but get me anywhere else […]

I Love My Dog Shampoo with Roxy #Ilovemydogshampoo

Roxy hates baths and grooming in general.  Which is part of the reason we take her to an actual groomer every 5 weeks or so instead of trying to do it ourselves.  She is a major wiggle worm and mover, getting her to stay put for even 5 seconds sometimes is a feat in itself sometimes. […]

3 Things That Annoy Me – Roxy

Roxy here! Mommy said it was time again to give you my puppy insight.  She said its been to long since you sat down and wrote down a post for the blog.  I said okay Mommy!  What do you want me to type about?  She told me, Things that Annoy you!  Oh boy I thought, […]

Ideal Balance for Dogs by Hills #IdealBalance #PetFoodCrew

I am pretty picky about what I feed Roxy.  We have normally been feeding her Blue Buffalo, but I started to hear some stories that I wasn’t liking about them recently(am not sure if they are true though; didn’t do any real research yet), so I was thinking about switching her to something new.  Ideal […]

Ball Skilled Puppy – I got skills, I know it – Wordless Wednesday

Football Dog – Going Deep – Wordless Wednesday

#WordlessWednesday – – Let’s Wrestle!

Wordless Wednesday–Are ya Ready for some Football?

Wordless Wednesday–Love Me Some Peanut Butter

Wordless Wednesday–Roxy taking a Walk with Sam