Interested in Pure Lemon Essential Oil? #lalunenaturals

I’m just beginning to learn about oils and have a true interest in them using them myself.  I am still not grand on understanding where to use them or how, but I am learning along the way.  I figure the only way you are to learn is by doing and trying things.   Oils have […]

Effenfine Tweezer Set, Get Your Tweezer On #effenfine #BeautyMonday

I fully believe that every single household needs a good set of tweezers in their house.  You might not use them much for “beauty” reasons, but you sure need them if you get a splinter in your finger or various other medical uses that might arise. As for me, I use tweezers at least daily. […]

Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil #MiaMariu #Giveaway 4/8

I’ve been curious about essential oils for quite a while now.  The more I hear about them, the more people praise them, the more curious I am with how they work and what exactly they can do.  I wonder if they are truly the miracle people praise they are. I was able to sample my first […]

5 Easy Ways on How to Use Fractionated Coconut Oil #CoconutOil

I love all the ways coconut oil is useful and beneficial to us.  It just amazes me.  The more I read the more I realize all the good it can do for us, inside and outside our bodies.  Realizing that, I just want to get my hands on all things coconut oil related.   When […]

Coconut Oil in an Easy Softgel #HealthyTuesday #OrganicCoconutOil

I’ve read a lot about the uses of Coconut Oil and the amazing things it can do your body both inside and outside.  It’s a pretty amazing oil.  I have a big container of oil sitting on my counter from Costco that I try to use a lot, but always end up forgetting or not […]

Dog Nail Shaper #Miraclecare

 Roxy, for the life of me, will not let us trim her nails.  We have tried and tried and it’s just not possible for us to do it. Thankfully her current groomer is able to do it, I am not sure how exactly but they achieve success at trimming her pretty little nails at each […]

Beauty Monday with Exfolimate #exfolimate

Healthy skin doesn’t just happen.  You have to work at it and build yourself a healthy skin routine.  I believe one of those routines is exfoliating.  Before finding these Exfolimates, I was good exfoliating my facial skin, but tended to waiver on doing any parts of my body.  I am not sure why exactly, probably […]

Hulling Strawberries – It has never been so easy #mystrawberryhuller

I love having fresh fruit at home.  I love them in our smoothies and our juicing juice.  I love having them just by themselves.  I usually just can’t get enough of them.  Quite often though during the off-season I buy frozen fruit though because fresh fruit is just out of our budget. When we do […]

Easy Way to Carry Your Firewood #logbag

Cold weather season.  I get so excited at the first temperature drops because it means I can pull out my leggings and my sweatshirts and be comfy cozy.  It also means that I can cuddle under the blanket with Roxy and be comfortable.  Which tickles me pink. That is until the temperature in the house […]

Roxy Enjoys the Epica Slicker Brush #slicker

Roxy has long hair.  It’s also slightly curly once it grows a bit because of the part poodle in her.  She doesn’t have a lot of curl to her hair, but enough where its hard for us to groom her.  I can brush her tail and ears usually with ease, but get me anywhere else […]