I Love My Dog Shampoo with Roxy #Ilovemydogshampoo

Roxy hates baths and grooming in general.  Which is part of the reason we take her to an actual groomer every 5 weeks or so instead of trying to do it ourselves.  She is a major wiggle worm and mover, getting her to stay put for even 5 seconds sometimes is a feat in itself sometimes. […]

Beauty Monday: Looking for a new Oil Free Face Wash? #agelessderma

A little side note before I get started out on this review. I renamed the main weekly segment of Makeup Monday to Beauty Monday‘s so I may include anything related to the care of our bodies that help make us feel beautiful. The tag will still say Makeup Monday, but its an all-encompassing beauty products […]

Toned Facial Skin with little effort with Vitamin C Facial Toner #instanatural

Using a toner for my skin just isn’t something that has come natural to me as has been washing my face, applying moisturizer, and lip balm.  I just don’t think about toner.  While I know it can greatly help the skin, I need to use it more.  Then here comes along Vitamin C Facial Toner […]

InstaNatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil #InstaNatural

I walk upstairs to get ready for bed each night and dread my long routine but know I’ll hate myself if I don’t do each step.  I swear to myself each night that I’ll come upstairs earlier so I can do it all and still be in bed in time to relax and read.   […]

Keeping Hydrated with Hydracentials Sporty 25oz #Hydracentials

We are always taking water along with us wherever we go.  Weather it be just on errands or on a long trip.  I am a firm believer in keeping hydrated and having water on hand at all times.  Which is why I was excited to try the Hydracentials Sporty 25oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. […]

Personal Results from Pure Shea Butter #Adovia

I love beauty products, which I am sure has been said time and time again on this blog.  And if you have been around me any amount of time, you know scent goes a long way with me and I tend to smell things more then others.  I have a nose for business.  haha Or […]

Magnetic Screen Door by IGotTech Review #magneticscreendoor

We have two backdoors, one has this makeshift screen on it with this weird dog door that Roxy will NOT use, at all.  The other is the side door, which goes out to our shed and where we have the BBQ right now, which had no screen on it.  This side door also has stairs […]

Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask Review #Barefaced

We all know by now just how much I love facial masks and do them at least once a week, usually Friday afternoons.  I love how fresh it makes my face feel.  Which is why I was all over testing out the Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask.   Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask Bursting with […]

Mandala Massage Ball #yogamassage

Mandala Massage Ball’s help relieve tension with ease just using your own body weight.  It makes it easy to work out those knots or for just pure pleasure of the malls massaging your body. I have this knot or tension spot I get on my left back shoulder that I can feel when rubbing it, […]

Mia Mariu Create Your Perfect Canvas #MiaMariu +Giveaway ends 7/30 2p.m(PST)

With Mia Mariu create your perfect canvas with ease.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.  How much easier can you get?  This is actually my second chance to play with Mia Mariu products and I have fallen even more in love with their products.  Check out my first experience with Mia Mariu – Mia Mariu Mineral […]