For the love of Spices/Seasonings

As I was adding black pepper into my soup today for lunch, I was thinking I add black pepper to almost everything I eat.  It can be as I am cooking it or after its cooked, but its 80% of the time added at some point. Made me think, what is some seasoning/spice you add […]

Long Awaited Beauty Bag Giveaway

I have been in talks about this giveaway since probably August.  I slowly started gathering things in November and am not officially ready to host this fun giveaway.  The reason for this giveaway?  Not a single one.  I just love doing giveaways and I love beauty products.  It’s fun for me to give away these […]

Smitten by Kristin – a new Etsy Shop

Kristin and I have been friends for quite a few years, but it wasn’t until a few years back that we grew closer.  I have shared her up’s and down’s along the way and encouraged her to do what makes her happy.  I am happy to announce, she has done that.  She decided to start […]

New L’Oreal Paris B.B. Cream – Fabulous all in one product

As most of you know by now, I am a beauty junkie.  I love all things makeup, skincare, perfume, hair care and anything and everything in between.  I love getting the inside edge on new products or even just products that hasn’t gotten much word out yet. Which is why I was excited when I […]

Sneak Peek of one of my next giveaways

I posted a pic of one of my upcoming giveaways. I decided I’d post it here as well and maybe do some guesses what could be below what you see?  🙂 The bag is fairly deep it seems.  Especially since its normally “clutch” like and I have it all the way open.  😉 Leave a […]

Roxy’s 6th Birthday

Today is our fur baby Roxy’s 6th Birthday. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Roxy, I am so happy you came into our life in August.  It has been pure joy to have you & already feel like we’d be lost without you.  Mommy & Daddy love you, as do all your Grandma’s & Grandpa’s – not […]

National Compliment Day

Did you know today is National Compliment Day? Have you gotten any compliments or giving any out? I have been going around facebook pages of my friends and leaving random comments about what I love about them and I might have gone off and did other random things about them & our friendship too.  But […]

Liebster Award

I was given the Liebster Award by Jenny over at IBDFM.  At first I wasn’t going to do the whole tag others and do it.  Today I was just going to do the questions for some random fun, but decided I’d also go around and nominate others too, but might not get the full 11 […]

BFTE Cosemtics

Everyone knows how much I love makeup and probably have a problem when it comes to buying makeup.  I have ordered once, thus far, from BFTE and love their products, so I highly recommend you check them out!  They are an amazing company that makes amazing products! Check out the makeup I did with the […]

Purex Baby Detergent Giveaway

Being a member of Purex Insiders, I get some amazing great products to review & most of the time host a giveaway for as well. This time for me, this is more just for the giveaway since I know lots of people who are having babies or already have young babies, but personally don’t have […]