My Best Photographs of Sunsets

Last week I started a new thing that I filed under Wordless Wednesday, but they are anything but Wordless.  I had stumbled upon a prompt asking to share my favorite photograph and since I have many that I enjoy, especially while doing Catch the Moment series, that I decided I’d take a few Wordless Wednesdays […]

My Best Photographs of Flowers

I found a prompt asking to show my best photograph and to explain it.  Well, I love many of my photos and couldn’t just choose one to share with you.  I know you see my photos every week, but these hold special memories and excitement to me and I wanted to share them. I’m filing […]

Tuff Trucks at the Clark County Fair 2014 – Wordless Wednesday

Normally wordless – hence Wordless Wednesday, but I felt the following photos deserved a bit of an intro.   Clark County Fair each year has a Tuff Truck day at the fair each year, it used to be both days of the last weekend of the fair, but now its just Saturday with Monster Trucks […]

Ball Skilled Puppy – I got skills, I know it – Wordless Wednesday

Football Dog – Going Deep – Wordless Wednesday

#WordlessWednesday – – Playing Free!!

#WordlessWednesday – – Let’s Wrestle!

Wordless Wednesday–Are ya Ready for some Football?

Wordless Wednesday–Love Me Some Peanut Butter

Wordless Wednesday–Roxy taking a Walk with Sam