Wordless Wednesday–Look at Me Mommy!

Wordless Wednesday–I Gots the BIG Soccer Ball–I am just like Daddy!

Wordless Wednesday–I No Look at You Mommy

Wordless Wednesday–Posed Roxy

I am going to cheat this week and make it not so wordless.  I just felt this picture needed the story with it.Roxy was just sitting over in her bed doing whatever she does over there.  I was on the phone with Jason on his way home from work like normal.  I look over and […]

Wordless Wednesday–Cuddles of Roxy

Wordless Wednesday–Spring is in the Air

With the first fully nice weekend comes massive yard work to make our yard actually look nice and be able to enjoy our time in it and around it.

Wordless Wednesday–Roxy Sits

I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday in a long time.  I felt with me doing the Catch the Moment 365 – I didn’t want to overwhelm you all with photos, but you know what I miss it and most everyone loves photos, so its coming back.  Wordless Wednesday is mine again!

Wordless Wednesday – The Cuteness of Roxy

I decided today’s Wordless Wednesday post would be all about my Miss Roxy.  She is our fur baby, and you’ll see her a lot around the blog.  She is our 6 1/2 year old shi-poo, we just acquired her a year ago in August.  Is spoiled rotten, in case you couldn’t gather that.

Wordless Wednesday – Currents of Me

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Decorations Around the Neighborhood

The last two weeks of our walks, we also took pictures of the Halloween decorations around our walking path.  I figured today would be the perfect day to share them with you all.  Some are pretty amazing!! Happy Halloween!