Wordless Wednesday – Roxy’s Birthday Walk

As you know Roxy’s birthday was Saturday, to celebrate we took her on an extra long walk around the neighborhood.

Wordless Wednesday – Last Year’s Chicks Weekend

I was invited to a Chicks Weekend last year by my friend Joleine and I decided to be brave and bold (which is rare for me) and say yes and go.  Now it’ll hopefully be a yearly tradition for me.  Below you’ll find a few of the pics from that weekend.

Wordless Wednesday – Bed Playtime

Wordless Wednesday – Zoo Brew

Since again I haven’t taken many pictures yet this year, I’m dipping back into last year.  This week I bring you Zoo Brew.  Each year our local Zoo, Portland Oregon Zoo, does a brew tasting event.  It’s so much fun.  My friend Donavan introduced it to us several years back and it became our tradition, […]

Wordless Wednesday – Cuddle Bug

Since I haven’t taken many pictures yet this year, you get the cuddle bug Roxy from New Year’s Eve/Day (I can’t recall which).

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Wordless Wednesday

While in Idaho, it snowed.  My husband took these photos the morning we left.

Wordless Wednesday – Spring Storm

Wordless Wednesday – Beach=Happy

I think our fur baby just might love the beach!

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Special

Princess Roxy, at your service!  Happy Halloween All!

Wordless Wednesday – Yoga Squirrel

October 16th – the squirrel decided he needed to try some morning yoga