Urban Decay Eyeshadow Giveaway – Luck of the Irish Hop ends 3/21/17

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Giveaway

You all know I am a sucker for eye makeup.  But especially when it comes to Urban Decay products.  There is something about their products that calls to me.  It’s hard for me to part with this Urban Decay Eyeshadow in this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Giveaway.  But, I know you all are just going to […]


Disney Giveaway ends 4/7/17

Disney Giveaway

The land of magic.  The land of possibilities.  Endless hours of movies and great enjoyment.  That is what comes to mind when the name Disney comes up.  With this Disney Giveaway, the magic could be yours with a $500 Gift Card for Disney.  The possibilities are indeed endless and magical.  Enter today! Disney Giveaway Details […]


2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 9 #CatchtheMoment365

2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 9 - Day 58 - Crashing Waves

A day later getting this up, but this time it was by choice. I was running a bit behind on getting my Libman Company post up, so that took over for yesterday instead of getting this up. Yesterday I did at least get my photos for 2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 9 edited and […]


These 3 Tips Will Make You Excited for Spring Cleaning #ad #LibmanSpringCleaning

Spring Cleaning with Libman-Header

Call me crazy and you probably will.  But I enjoy cleaning, especially spring cleaning.  Now granted I don’t enjoy it as much since we moved into our house.  It’s just hard to get excited to clean when you clean yet it still looks dirty or unkempt.  Don’t get me wrong, it still looks and smells […]


Before You Forget…Pack These 5 Things For a Vacation Rental

Pack These 5 Things For a Vacation Rental

When going on vacation for more than a single night, we have found it’s easier to rent a vacation rental.  Being able to have a full house for our use and a full kitchen to cook our meals just makes sense.  The cost averages about the same as a hotel stay, especially factoring in not […]


Barnes and Noble Giveaway ends 3/15/17

Barnes and Noble Giveaway

Books, glorious books.  I don’t know about you but I could easily spend this Barnes and Noble Giveaway in on sitting. Who wouldn’t love $200 to spend there? Tell me, what kind of goodies would you walk away with if you were the winner of this $200 Barns and Noble Gift Card? Barnes and Noble Giveaway […]


2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 8 #CatchtheMoment365

2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 8 - Day 56 - Dogwood Challenge One Shot

Honest, straight up from the start.  I miss the first two days of the week for 2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 8.  I knew I had missed Sunday, the first day of the week, but I swear I had one for Monday.  Searching my phone, camera, laptop, & even my husband’s phone found nothing. […]


February Urban Outfitters Giveaway ends 3/9/17

February Urban Outfitters Giveaway

Am going to be straight out honest with you all.  I have no idea what Urban Outfitters carries. Am not even sure if there is one near us.  Because I don’t know what it carries, I’d love for you to leave me some insight of the what you’d be buying if you were to win […]


February Nordstrom Insta Giveaway ends 3/14/17

February Nordstrom Insta Giveaway

Up next is your chance at a $200 gift card to Nordstrom with this February Nordstrom Insta Giveaway.  Love shopping at Nordstrom? Well then, this giveaway is for you!!!  Let me know, as always, what you’d like to buy if you were to be the winner? Give me all the details. February Nordstrom Insta Giveaway […]


5 Ways to Get Into a Better Bedtime Routine

Better Bedtime Routine

We all know, at least in our heads, how important sleep is.  Getting ready for bed itself is a good way to decompress and relax.  A bedtime routine helps us do just that so we can sleep better and feel better overall. Because of how important sleep is.  I thought it could be fun and […]