Nothing makes one more giddy then packages!

Amazon package

I love it when packages arrive – who doesn’t?  Nothing makes me more giddy then seeing a package sitting there waiting for me to open!  I knew that my Amazon package was coming today and what do ya know? It was sitting there waiting for me this morning when I opened my door.  *grins*  Now everything you see above was paid with my Amazon money that I get from the various things I do online.  Really what is a better way to buy things?

Above is:

A mojito muddler – now my hubby can make me and our friends yummy mojito’s. Am so excited.  Good tasting mojitos here we come!!!  Who wants one? hehe

Funglish – which just sounded like so much fun.  Something like you try and describe your word with other words? Or something along those lines the box explains it better then I.  A new game, bring on game night!  Plus we have the mojito muddler to make up something yummy drink to go with.

Lastly my lovely new Babyliss flat iron.  I had heard people rave about these flat irons, am excited to see if the raving its all made up to be! *review on it may be upcoming*