The Taste – Nose to Tail

Having these Influenster challenges for The Taste on ABC has been so fun for me. I had previously said that I normally wouldn’t be drawn in by this type of show, am not huge on cooking shows, but I love that my husband loves this show too so I get the pure pleasure of enjoying the show with my husband while getting the chance to win some fun things from Influenster itself.

If you think that The Taste is just full of cooking and nothing else.  Well watch this clip below and you’ll see you’ll also get some major giggles out of the show too.

0219 Taste106 Nigellas Balls from Kinetic Content on Vimeo.

Before I said as well that I didn’t have any favorite cooks.  I now have two that I just love and hope they make it all the way.

Khristianne Uy of Team Malarkey – she is just amazing and I love her personality it just shines through when they show her.  I think she is super talented and has what it could take to make it all the way to the end.

Lauren Scott of Team Nigella – she is a fun cook that just is a home cook yet I think has an amazing talent of throwing things together that sound & look so tasty!  Plus she just seems so bubbly and fun.

I love all the couches, they are all quirky and fun and make the show even more fun to watch.

Remember you can watch The Taste on ABC 9/8c.

I was asked to write this blog post for a badge challenge on Influenster.  However, all thoughts are my own.