Wordless Wednesday – Another Fall Walk

Wordless Wednesday – A Fall Day Walk

I really wanted to go somewhere new and go on a walk with someone & take some pretty Fall pictures, instead I just went on my normal walk with Roxy and took my camera along.

Wordless Wednesday – A Clear Fall Day

Wordless Wednesday – Getting together with Dog Cousins

Roxy was able to get together with her cousins this weekend, and she was so excited.

Wordless Wednesday – No Rhyme or Reason

Since I haven’t had any recent pictures to post, I popped back into the folder from our April trip to Idaho for my step-dad’s celebration of life.  I missed last weeks cause I couldn’t think of what to post & I didn’t want to miss this week’s as well.

Wordless Wednesday – Free as a bird Roxy!

Normally Roxy is quite the wander and doesn’t listen very well when she sees someone or something new and wants to go see.  We were at the beach the last weekend of August and we came across this wide open beach area with only a few other people on it, so we decided to let […]

Wordless Wednesday – A Perfect Day for a Wedding Part Two

Wordless Wednesday – Let’s Play!

Wordless Wednesday – A Perfect Day for a Wedding

This past weekend we went to one of my nephews wedding.  We were lucky enough to be able to spend the whole weekend around family and enjoy every second.  Here are a few pics from a lovely weekend.

Wordless Wednesday – MorningStar HouseParty