New Blog Header – made with My Memories Suite

I had thought it was going to be a few days until I could put together my new header, but I did it shortly after I posted the giveaway for the My Memories Suite.  It was very easy and fun!  I look forward to make new ones in the future, maybe a new one with each season?

I even ended up buying a couple new kits instead of just using the ones I could get free.  I was super giddy that they accepted paypal, so it wasn’t a huge deal that I bought new stuff to add into my My Memories Suite collection.

I bought a pack of words that used the word influence, I thought how super fitting for my blog!  I also bought the heart that was in its own collection.  I am super with giddy as well with the way my blog title came out!  I find the more I play with the program the more I learn and the more I am love with it.

If you would like to make your own blog header, its super easy with My Memories Suite!

  • To choose your own custom size, just create a new album and choose design your own.
  • Then choose the ›Custom Size tab in the middle of the screen.
  • You can set the size by inches or pixels.
  • Usually a blogger header is around 1000×300 pixels and a WordPress header is 904×160 pixels
  • Add whatever content you want, including papers, pictures, text and embellishments.
  • Finally, click on Share Album in far right column and select Export
  • In the Export Wizard, make sure that the image type is jpeg and the image size is the size you chose for your header and click finish.

    I ended up using 950×300 pixels for the size of my header.  As well to start out I used a full landscape sheet so that I could shrink images to fit better.  I was finding a hard time shrinking the images with the little size of 950×300 to work with.  Full details on how to do this are on this pdf file – How to do your own custom header.

    Remember I have a giveaway going on to get your very own My Memories Suite digital software download, you really are going to love this program for so many wide uses.  I also have a discount code to get your $10 off the software if you don’t win or don’t want to wait.  Just use:  STMMMS11858 at checkout.

    Giveaway details & rafflecopter form are here:  My Memories Suite 3 digital software download.