Thankful Thursday

As get through these weeks and closer to actual Thanksgiving here in the USA, its get harder and longer for me to think of what I can list to be thankful for.  As I said though, I like the challenge and here goes this week’s Thankful!

  1. I am thankful, so much so, that I can have a full pantry, fridge and freezer.  When I go grocery shopping I do enough for two weeks (for the most part) and then some.  I am so happy and grateful that I can get fresh fruit and vegetables to be able to serve my husband and I a healthy filling meal. We have meat in the freezer.  It’s such a blessing to be able to do this because I know that not everyone can.
  2. I am, weird as it sounds, thankful for Pinterest.  I love having all sorts of things right at my fingertips. I love having all my boards split into every category imaged so I know exactly which board to go when I am looking something.  We have used so many recipes that I have pinned from Pinterest and am so thankful it has gotten out of routine we had food wise.  There is home ideas stored away so once we got start to do the work on the house, we just can go right to that board and look and see what we want. 
  3. I am thankful for my Nikon camera.  While I still haven’t completely learned it to get all the tricks and trades of the professional like camera, it is still a great joy to me.  It has allowed me to capture so many memories and just overall beauty that this world has to offer.  I hope in time that I can learn it more and actually sit down or take a class or something to be able to take even more stunning photos. I enjoy taking photos so much.
  4. I am thankful for the amount of travel I have been able to do thus far.  While it hasn’t been much, it is more them some and I have been able to see some new exciting places.  I have been to San Antonio (and other places around it), Dallas, New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Monterey CA, and other various places in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  There are so many more places I’d love to go and will someday when we can – *cough cough, Vegas*.  But again I have gone more them some and I am grateful.
  5. I am thankful for the amount of games I have.  In board, card and video – I have quite a variety and love being able to have.  Weather its for a game night or just my own enjoyment.  Its nice to be able to have it.  
What are you thankful for this day/this week?