All About Me Friday – What’s that in your purse?

Todays helpful get to know me prompt asked me what’s in my purse?

Why you’ll be glad you asked! 😉

I thought taking some photos would also help along the process of finding the depths of my inner purse! Everyone knows what a picture lover I am, so yes taking pics of the process as well fits right in with who I am.

First off I am using the purse that I won from Susan Nichole Handbags, each Thursday she does a giveaway live on her facebook with several winners for bags, wallets, or a bag & wallet.  I happened to win one of the beautiful bags, you can check out my review of it here, in case you missed it!

I really like it though and use it the majority of the time, I still dislike that there are no dividers inside, so its just this black hole of death when you drop things in.

Okay!  What we have inside:

  • my wallet – filled with the normal credit cards, drivers license, insurance card, reward cards.  I very rarely carry cash, so you will not find any of that in there.
  • my coupon holder – filled with many coupons and all divided up, for the most part, with the aisles they are in. Some loose coupons to specific stores.
  • various gift certificates/cards – some to restaurants in Portland that I have had for quite sometime, but we so rarely make the track into Portland to explore or eat, so these are sitting here being lonely.  Various other gift cards that are waiting for the right time to be used: starbucks, wal-mart, fandango (which we have had for several years now), Chili’s (we could eat a whole meal free, yet the nearest is Eugene), Visa gift card.
  • Lip products – various lip products, some with color some without.  I have to have several on hand to choose from because I am somewhat addicted to them.
  • Powder – because I have combination skin with a super oily t-zone, touching up is a must
  • Wisps – I love these things and always need them near me.  If I drink coffee and can’t brush my teeth I grab one of these and my  teeth feel instantly better.
  • Tissues – cause you know tissues are NEEDED.
  • Eye Drops – contact dry out, lose one? never fear I have rewetting/solution
  • Keys – of course, which included is the car and house key, I don’t recall what the other key is for right off hand.
  • Kirkland ibuprofen
  • Our eye prescriptions 
There you have my purse.  I can tell you if I have a purse with dividers I’d have more things in there then I do with this one.  In fact my other purse hanging on the coat rack has things that I didn’t put in this main purse right now.