My Holiday Wish List

The lovely Southern Beauty Guide & Life with a side of Coffee decided to do a link up for each Wednesday in December, and this week is A Holiday Wish List.  I decided to go with a few of my top wish list items.  For me all year long I have my Amazon wish list going, with all sorts of lists to keep everything where it should be, its fun for me.  I also have a Pinterest want board.  Without further ado, these are the items I’d love to see under my tree.
  1. A new queen Mattress – while our mattress is still decent and has a lot of cushion left, I think its hurting my back.  So I would have love a gel and memory foam mattress.  I believe Debbie, and I slept in one while on this past Chicks Weekend and my lower back never hurt while sleeping on it, which led me to think well maybe its our mattress.  This is HIGH on my wish list!  Not that it’ll probably happen, but miracles happen!
  2. Down Comforter Pillows by Pacific Coast – we stayed in a hotel back in November and fell in love with the bedding and pillows and even took the pillow cases off to see what company made them.  High on our wish list are these pillows, they are heaven we do believe! All about bed comfort!!
  3. I have wanted an Epiphanie Camera Bag/Purse – with how much I love to take photos and take my camera along with me to places, I have dreamed about owning this bag.  Every since I first saw them, I HAD to have them.  I enter each time I come across someone giving it away.  I will get one someday, somehow!
  4. A lot of recipes I run across lately have been for Dutch Ovens, so its been a big want for me because they just sound like amazingly yummy and pretty easy to make.  In red even, please 🙂
  5. Tie in to #2 on my wish list – Pacific Coast King Down Comforter – again these were at the hotel we stayed in, and it was just perfect.  I wanted to just stay in bed once I found out how completely comfortable and cozy the bed was.  Our down comforter is all weird at the top anymore and just isn’t as fluffy and comfortable as it once was.  Heaven I say, complete heaven.  Throw in some new sheets with all my wish list things & I might never leave the bed again! 
  6. Last is the snowflake necklace – this was on my Pinterest wish list.  Its just so cute and festive for the winter that I love it!
What is your on your wish list? Why don’t you join in and link up with the other lovely ladies?