The Year of 2013 is in the books, part One

Its kind of hard to believe that today is the last day of 2013.  The saying is totally true that as you get older the days, months, years just fly by.  I have been enjoying reading all the other bloggers year end in review and was wondering how I’d go about mine.  I still am not truly sure how I am going to do it, so just play along with me on this one, it might be a bumpy ride.

My blog now I’d have to say is a bit different then it was earlier in the year.  I mainly ONLY did reviews and nothing else.  Midway through the year I decided well this is silly, it needs other things to so people will want to read and come back.  I added in Healthy Tuesday first and while fun and enjoyable I couldn’t always think of what to do the post on.  Awful!  I added in All About Me Fridays, where I go off prompts to post all about me, its my favorite day of the week for posting.  Now I find myself doing everyday post whenever something comes to me, or I run across a fun link up.

Outside of blogging, it was a pretty quiet year for me.  I have my handy little calendar here with me that I write down things that happen throughout the year so I can recall what happened each month.  Let’s see what we’ll find, shall we?

It looks like the only notable thing that really happened in this month happened at the very end of the month.  One of my very best friends Teresa flew over from Spokane because she was getting Lasik done in Portland.  Where I’d be taking care of her, driving her over to get the pre-appointment to see if she could even do it.  Then the next day for the actual appointment and back for the next days follow up to make sure everything went okay.  It was so nice having time with just her and we went shopping and really didn’t do much of anything but it was just being together and being silly.

Sad that is the only thing for this month, but it was super amazing anyway!

Really nothing at all in this one.  We went out to our local watering hole a lot, Cameo Cafe of Washington.  Lots of walks with the spring like weather in February.  A wonderful lunch with Donavan and Emily who we hadn’t seen much in the last couple years, so that was pretty great.  We celebrated Corey’s birthday at Azteca with another of our local favorite bartenders, Miguel.

Oh!  Roxy’s birthday happened, and we took her on a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  Her first birthday with us, she turned 6.

Was filled with some sadness, my stepfather passed away.  He had been going down hill for the past year, so we knew it was coming.  He passed away while in Hospice Care in Coeur d’Alene after being in a kind of coma for a couple days before that.  He was an amazing man and so smart – he invented the Peet Shoe Dryer and its still a hugely popular thing today – with many add ons for it.
The only other slightly notable thing is that I got the Kindle Fire!!

On the other hand could be a post all in itself, it seems to be the busiest month of the year usually.  My sissy/best friend Kris usually always flies over for Spring Break and this year was no different.  She arrived the 1st, and we headed towards the beach right after.  Stayed at Spirit Mountain on our way over and Chinook Winds Casino the next night. She flew out the 8th, and we so enjoy our week together – weather we are sitting home watching tv on our laptops or out doing things.
The 18th found us on the road to Idaho for Gene, my step-dad’s, celebration of life on the 20th.  It was a pretty big gathering full of stories, laughter and some sadness.  We came back home the 21st.
Rounding out the month is the ever enjoyable Chicks Weekend, that this year was in Bend where I was also hosting the Redbook/L’Oreal along with Marc Jacob DOTS party!!  I was also able to get my best friend, Debbie to go with me, which just rocked, and I am hoping to drag her along again this year if all goes well.  

I actually don’t have a single thing wrote down in  my calendar for May besides Jason going golfing.  It seems it was a very quiet month then – I am only finding reviews on this blog for May itself.
There was two notable thing that happened within this month it looks like. We went to Jason’s cousin’s college graduation party, where his Grandma was actually up from California, and so we got to see her the following days, which was super nice because it had been quite sometime since we saw her and his Aunt Anne who this is only the second time I have seen her in person in all the years Jason and I have been together.
Jason and I also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Where we took a hike up Beacon Rock here & took a loop around the park as well.  We had a very lovely dinner at Lapellah as well to celebrate.  Hard to believe we have been married for 10 years and together for 15.

I was going to post the year in review all in one post, but I just realized how long this is, so I think I am going to stop here on this one & do a take two.  Hope you have enjoyed my 2013 thus far, I’ve already came to realize that I did more then I thought.  Do you ever realize that after writing it all out like this?  Stayed tune for take two!