This is me…

I’m weird.

I freely admit that fact.  I am completely outgoing and talkative online and quiet and mouse like in person. I feel like I can be so much more open online and freely allow myself out.  In the real world I don’t feel this way, and that whole small talk concept just doesn’t enter my head on how to go about it.

When I lack concentration to do my online surveys or blog posts in a day or am just feeling overly excited, I tend to get super jabbery on facebook.  I post these random status updates because something will pop into my head, and it just screams for some interaction.  I love interaction.  Heck probably a lot of it has to do with me being home alone with just Roxy as company most days.   I know it can get annoying, heck I annoy myself sometimes.  Again though I crave that interaction on status updates, so I type away and hope that I can get some.  I LOVE interacting with your facebook updates too, but sometimes feel like I “like” and/or comment to much.  Then I think, well you posted it, didn’t you want interaction too?

I add people from real life on facebook so I can get to know them more and them me, so hopefully we can build a relationship outside facebook too.  It’s how I work.  Do I wish I could work differently?  Heck, yes, every single day.  But this is me and how I am.  I don’t want just a facebook friendship, I want the real thing too.

Do I wish I could have an outside job of some sort?  Yes!!  I have applied for a few things throughout the time here in Washington and I have had a few interviews even, but I get passed over.  Someday I hope to find something that is willing to try with me.  I have even had visions of people getting to know me personally and then saying hey you could be good at this job, come work with  me, and I’ll teach you and take you under my wing.  It’s okay to dream like that, yes?

I would even be happy if I could grow my blog to be able to make a steady income on it like so many do.  I think first I’d have to find myself a domain and my husband and I have talked about it several times and its thing we totally agree would be good for me, but would it be worth it?  Would it pay for itself?  How would I claim it all?  Those questions float through my mind like crazy and  maybe in time we’d figure it all out.

I am me, and I can’t be anything else.  I hope that people can accept me as I am.  Several have, and I am forever grateful for them, plus they know me well enough to know I open up greatly once we spend time together.

I don’t mean to annoy people on facebook, I just like to interact.  I crave social interaction, both online & in person even if I am super quiet in person, I still enjoy it.