ABC’s of Me

I have seen several bloggers do this over the past few days, so I decided today I’d post it really quick before I drag myself to go get ready for a wedding we are attending tonight.  I love reading this almost as much as I like filling out things like this, so please feel free to do it as well because I’d love to read it!

A – Age: 34
B – Birthday: September 24th
C – Color: deep dark purples – I also like pink and red though!
D – Drink: Iced tea, Diet Coke, or ice water
E – Eyes: dark brown
F – Flashback: My So Called Life
G – Gent: Nick Lachey – Jason knows full and well I adore him
H – Hobby: reading, games (video/board/card), taking photos and traveling when we can
I – Indulgence: makeup – I have a huge weakness with that and books
J – Job: blogger/reviewer/survey taker/housewife/doggymom
K – Kiddos: my fur baby Roxy
L – Love: there are so many forms and many ways to love
M – Music: I love a wide variety – give me country, pop, rock, blues, jazz and old honkey tonk and I am happy
N – Nation: American
O – Overstock: socks!
P – Pets: Roxy – see also child
Q – Quote: “Everything Happens for a Reason.  Though we might not know why at the time”
R – Residence: Vancouver, WA – but can also be claimed by Portland, OR
S – Siblings: four brothers, one sister, two sister in-law, two brother in-laws & two sisters not by anything but love and deep affection
T – Temperature: I love it when its about 70 – inside or out.
U – University: none
V – Vehicle: Right now we have a Pontiac Grand Prix in silver
 Want: a new mattress, a vacation, and my google page rank back lol
X – X: Troy
Y – Yuck: onions
Z – Zodiac: Mostly Libra, but I have some Virgo floating around in me

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