Week 2 #CatchTheMoment365 for 2014

I have to say that this week’s photo’s are not my best by any means, but they are pictures and one for each day.  Although I almost had NONE, I was trying to get back the one photo I had accidentally deleted and somehow ended up deleting everything.  Thankfully I have a very tech savvy husband, and he was able to get a program, and we were able to recover all my lost photos.  I was in tears because I had lost them all.  I was okay at this point with just losing the one, but I was not okay at all with losing them all.

Plus I have been sick for a bit of this week’s photo taking and a part of the coming week’s.  I am on the upswing finally so pictures should get back to par!

This is the week two of the whole year challenge, see week one here.  If you would like to join in on the journey, just click on the badge on my right side panel and follow along, feel free to jump in at any point in the year!  It is never to late.
8/365 – We couldn’t decide between the photos, so Jason says “Make a collage”.  Here we have said collage.  Roxy was playing with alligator all happily.

9/365 – Once Roxy is ready for the big bed, she goes to her bed in the living room and glares at us, much like said photo above.

10/365 – Jason laying on the floor reading the other days paper.

11/365 – Roxy isn’t spoiled or anything – heavens, NO.

12/365 – After grocery shopping Sunday I decided that I was washing all the fruit and vegetables even before we put them away so that was all done.  Here is some in the white vinegar and water wash.  I swear to you our fruits & vegetables last so much longer after doing this.  Plus doesn’t it look pretty?  Jason said it would  make a great puzzle.

13/365 – Fresh Pineapple

14/365 – Roxy and I took a walk and of course I brought my camera along.  I found this flower just laying in the middle of the sidewalk out of nowhere.  I thought it was pretty.