Finish This…Week #8

Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Airzona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along!

This week’s prompts are a bit different then previous week’s.

Five Things I Know For Sure…

1. I love Jason, so much!I could not imagine my life without Jason in it.  He is my best friend, my rock, the person I want to spend every free minute with, the person I want to explore many firsts together, and the person I confide everything to.  He loves me, as me and doesn’t want me to change or be anything else but who I am, and I am so grateful and in awe of that.

Does he drive me nuts sometimes and I just want to throttle him?  Why yes!! 

Jason & Angie - Angie's Angle

2.  That I will never ever get grammar down.No matter how many times its engraved into my brain or how many classes I take, I’ll never fully understand grammar or do it right every time.  Being that I love writing, this is a huge downfall for me, but it is what it is and I do my best.

3.  I’ll never lose my love of all things books.I love books.  Love them.  Always have and always will.  Weather it be in hardback, paperback, or e-reader; I love books!!  There is nothing else like walking into a used bookstore and smelling all those wonderful smells that are books and getting to buy so many books cheap. 

4.  That I am no expert on anything.Some people have things they are complete experts on.  Not me.  I don’t have a single thing I can say I know that in and out.  I know bits and pieces of quite a few things and am always learning, but an expert I am not.

5.  Is that not everyone will take the time to actually get to know me.Since I am so quiet in person and take quite a bit of time and togetherness to get comfortable with you, most people just won’t take the time to allow me to do this.  They turn up the nose and move on.  I am okay with this for some part, because the people that do take the time actually mean something to me.  Do I wish that people would try a bit more with me?  Yes.  But again, it is what it is and I can only be me and no one else. 

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