Refreshing your Bedroom for Spring

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Refreshing Your Bedroom for Spring

I love Springtime!  Not only is the weather getting warmer, birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming, but its also the time when most of us do some massive spring cleaning.  With spring cleaning often comes buying new things to refresh your space and mind to welcome in the nicer weather.

I have already spring cleaned our bedroom a few weeks back, but really that is the farthest I have gotten so far with the actual deep spring cleaning. 


With a clean bedroom I wanted some new bedroom items to help brighten up the room.  We had been in DESPRATE need of new pillows for quite sometime.  Back in November we stayed at hotel and fell in love with the pillows and bedding, so we pulled off the sheets to see what kind they were.  Low and behold they were Pacific Coast.  Once we got home I went and added a few different ones onto our Amazon Wishlist to safe keep for later.  The beginning of last month we ordered this set of Pacific Coast pillows.  While they aren’t the exact same ones from the hotel, they are pretty comfy and we are pleased with them.

After buying the pillows, I wanted to get a couple sets of new sheets & a new duvet for our bedroom.  I REALLY wanted a new down comforter (ours is going flat and just UGH anymore), but Jason asked me to wait on that until closer to the fall again, so that he doesn’t have the chance to ruin it during the warmer weather. 



I bought a set of red sheets by Clara Clark since they were the cheaper of the colors I was eyeing.  I decided to wait to see if we liked the set before buying the purple that was slightly higher priced.  Low and behold we really liked them.  They fit our bedroom and the fitted sheet actually stayed on the bed, which is sometimes a major problem.  Soft and comfortable sheets.  Making sure we kept liking them, I waited about a week before ordering the purple sheets.  Take a peek at the purple ones in the picture I am including below.  

purple sheets (1)purple sheets (2)


Now for the duvet.  I had one on my amazon wish list that my best friend Teresa bought me for Christmas, it was for the guest room downstairs.  I got it and decided I really liked the design and the way it felt, so when I was browsing for a new one for our bedroom, I kept going back to the same design as the one for the guest room but in the purple for our room.  I was a little worried about the white, but decided it would probably stay clean enough since it was the upstairs bedroom and all.  The red design can be found here and the purple one here.  Check out the beautifulness that is the purple below!

Purple & Black Duvet

What do you all think?  Do you like my refreshing items?  Do you have any plans to refresh your bedroom or any other area of your home?

Are there any areas you’d like to see me touch on with ideas to refresh your home with?