When it rains, it pours they say…

I swear lately it seems like everything is going wrong that could possibly go wrong.  I know it could be worse, but it feels like a hammer just keeps hitting us. 

My car has been out of commission for almost a month.  It’s a power steering leak and Jason is thinking is the rack and pinion, which is of course the most expensive thing that could go wrong with it.  He can’t really get to it fully to see for sure, but it looks that way.  He doesn’t think he’ll be able to fix it himself or get help from anyone because of where it is and how extensive it is to get to it and replace it.  Which means a HUGE automotive bill to get  it fixed and we really need it fixed.

We have of course then being using Jason’s truck alone, which isn’t a whole lot better.  Its older.  But the main issue now with his truck is his brake pads are gone, there is nothing there.  He hits the brakes and all you hear is grinding.  Awful and its our only vehicle right now.  Its so scary to drive it.  Jason has to drive it daily to and from work.  So his brakes need completely overhauled, everything that deals with them – especially since he is driving it with nothing there.  That shouldn’t be as expensive at least as the car, but still.

I have a dentist appointment this morning and he needs to take a later lunch to come get me and take me to it.  Its just a cleaning, but I always get butterflies in my stomach over it and hope they don’t find anything that needs fixing. It always feels so nice though when its done.

Countless other things that we need/want to do with the house and its always money money money.  Time too, can’t forget the time.  Where does this leave free time and being able to relax and do something fun?

UGH.  I am just feeling overwhelmed right now and wish a few things would get back together so I can feel a bit more  put together again.

Can’t forget too, its time for my 3 to 4 week grocery shopping time.  I don’t know when we will be able to do that. 

Just would like to see a little light at the end of what feels like a long dark tunnel.

look for the positive

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