All About Me Friday–My Dream Job

This week’s prompt is all about my dream job.  I feel like I have touched on this one before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on my blog – at least easily.  It might have been in with something else and not its own post.

I have changed my “dream” job several times over the course of my 34 years, but this one has stayed with me for quite a few of those already so maybe it is really my dream job.
LodgeI would absolutely LOVE to own a lodge with cabins somewhere on the Oregon Coast.  Not exactly like the one above, but it was the one nearest I could find to what I was imaging.
I have thought long and hard about this with lots of little details.

The Lodge itself would be your classic lodge.  A restaurant to serve you, maybe a couple of them to choose from.  Maybe an onset spa to help you relax.  Comfortable and cozy, all things you’d think would be associated with a lodge.


The cabins would all be themed.

Say one would be a mermaid theme, another would be a book theme, and yet another would be all dolphins.  A play off of being on the ocean and adding in some of my favorite things and presto we have a specialized experience for your pleasure.

Most of the rooms in the lodge & cabins would be ocean view.

Sunday Beach Trip - Wind and Rain (41)
There you have it!  My dream job.  If I could have any kind in the whole world that is how I’d like to earn and give to others all in one.

Now I want to know, what would be YOUR dream job?

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