Makeup Monday with Pretty Little Beauty Swap Reveal +Urban Decay Eyeliner Look Alike

The fun of the Pretty Little Beauty Swap is you are assigned a partner, and you get to know them for a month time frame through email and their blogs so you know what kind of beauty products that they like and the following month you send them out a box of goodies.  How fun is that?  Hosted by three lovely ladies; Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide, Justine from Sleepy Single Girl, and Ang from Hairspray and Highheels.

I played in the Pretty Little Beauty Swap for the second time thus far and have enjoyed my experience, I’ll have to skip out on the next one, but hope to play again in the future.  My goodies arrived last week and I was thrilled with what I received from Elizabeth who blogs over at Liz Loves Makeup X3.  She nailed my likes to a tee and I am completely giddy over everything.  One thing in there though prompted this part of my Makeup Monday post.

Pretty Little Beauty Swap Reveal
See what great products!  Now you may be asking me, but what is the product you’ll be taking about today that was prompted from these wonderful amazing goodies?

Urban Decay Eyeliner vs. Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner

I love Urban Decay Eyeliner, love it.  It glides on with no effort on my part and stays put all day long until I take it off with makeup remover.  Even after sharping it, it still glides just as easily as you had just opened it out of the package.  Love that!  However, I can’t do the $20 price tag for one single eyeliner.  I can splurge once in awhile, but for the most part, its just not in my budget.
Urban Decay vs. Rimmel Eyeliners
I opened up the Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in Black that I received in my Pretty Little Beauty Swap and was blown away at the similar way it was with the Urban Decay I love.  Just look up at the picture, they are so similar its amazing to me.  The Rimmel glides on just as easily as the Urban Decay, has the same soft head as well. 

Below you’ll see the lines compared on my arm.  Urban Decay is on the left and Rimmel on the right.  While Urban Decay shows up a bit thicker and dark, you can tell at the similarness just in the lines on my arms, I think.

Urban Decay vs Rimmel Eye Liner (5)
So what do you think?  Do you see a similar tone with the two eyeliners?  Do you have experience with either of the two?

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