All About Me Friday–Taking a Look Back

Today’s prompt asked me to share an older photo of me, so I am just going to share a few that I have on my facebook page as a look page of younger me. 
1981 - Angie's Angle1983 - 2 - Angie's Angle1983 - Angie's Angle1984 - Angie's Angle1984 - First Day of School - Angie's Angle

See that Curl - Angie's Angle

Above – I am not sure what year this was taken right off hand, but this is how my hair does if I don’t do anything with it after getting it wet.  It’s a mess!  This was taken though at my sister, Carmita’s, house.

1996 - Angie's Angle
Above – This was 1996, the day of my Dad’s funeral.  This is one of my favorite photo of all us, ever.  From left to right:  my brother Randy, my brother Rex, my sister Carmita, my brother Stacy, my brother Richie and then Me.

Those are the ones I have on hand for a dip back in time.  What an easy all about me Friday this week. 

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