5 Easy Ways to Help a Blogger

5 Easy Ways to Help a Blogger

A lot of the time you don’t realize just how much you, yes YOU, can help a blogger.  All of them are pretty dang simple too when it comes down to it.  Most just don’t realize how you can help. I had written a note on my personal facebook a few months back, but now I am bringing you 5 Easy Ways to Help a Blogger.

I have read fellow bloggers post similar things over the course of the last few months, but I thought it would be fun to do my own.  Since the beginning of the year has brought lots of changes around Angie’s Angle, I had a lot of my personal friends asking me how they could help me grow my blog.  The answer was simple really, interact and follow me.  Those two things in a nutshell on how easy it is to help a blogger.

Even some bloggers don’t realize how they can help other bloggers.  

5 Easy Ways to Help a Blogger

5 Easy Ways to Help a Blogger

  1. Comment on their blogs.  We don’t just sit here to write to ourselves, we want interaction.  We NEED interaction.  Not only do we want to get to know you, but we want you to get to know us as well.  I have met some wonderful bloggers that have become my friend as well, we want to be your friend as well as your informer.Ask question.  Answer questions.  Praise. Agree.  Disagree. Add your two cents on our post, trust me, we want to know what you think as well.
  2. Follow our blog.  It doesn’t matter how you follow.  Whether it be bloglovin’, Networked Blogs or by email. Just subscribe in some form and follow our blog. Follow how you feel comfortable following, just follow.
  3. Follow us on our social media accounts.  A lot of the time we get accepted for something based on how many likes us on certain social media accounts.Following us on any you have would be a wonderful thing and we would be forever grateful for you.Not only follow us on those accounts but interact as well there as you can. Like facebook sometimes it hides thing we post because you haven’t interacted with it.  Interact and you can see more of what we say, your interacting helps us be seen by others and helps us grow.  Not to mention we love interacting back with you as well.
  4. Sharing.  Share my posts, please.  It helps others see it.  It helps get our word out.  It just plainly helps.  Most of us have very easy share links under each post to make it easy for you to share on whatever platform you choose.
  5. Spend a bit of time on our blog.  Take your time and visit other areas that might interest you.  The longer you spend on our site, the better.  Remember to come back, visiting our blog helps bump the numbers up so we may offer you more in the future.

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