Finish This…Week #32

Jason and I at Portland, Oregon Zoo Brew

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Finish This…Week #32 Prompts:

 13 Things to Know About Me…

  1. While I am super quiet in person, I thrive on being around others and doing things.  I’m that weird quiet person that actually ENJOYS being around others and being in the mix of things.  Nothing tickles me more, most of the time.  I have stated this time and time again, but don’t think it can be stated too much.  I thrive in them especially though in my own home and surroundings.  Reference:  Group Friendships
  2. Jason and I met online back in 1997 through, all things, a random ICQ message.  We didn’t meet in person until July of that following year, 1998 and now have been together since that date.  Living together since January 1999.Jason and Angie on the beach
  3. I’ve been a Nanny, a short-lived maid for a hotel, and a short-lived house cleaner.  My longest stint was watching kids in my home.  I seem to do better in “home” jobs, which is one main reason I LOVE where this blog is taking me.
  4. I don’t play sports.  Never have, never will.  No matter how many times Jason’s soccer team mates try to get me to play soccer with them.  It just isn’t happening.  I never played in school, am not playing now.  Now though give me badminton and maybe even a bit of softball you might get me to play.  Love horseshoes and other type of lawn games.  I just don’t do well with I guess “team” sports.Catch the Moment 365 - Day 193 - Playing Ladder Ball
  5. I love games.  Love them.  Again I know I stated this one before as well, but give me a good game night and you are going to make me a very happy girl.  Friends, drinks, food and games.  Yes, please!  Reference: All About Me Friday – Hoarding at It’s Finest.
  6. While I love writing and used to envision myself writing a book growing up, grammar has never ever been my friend.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t know why.  No matter how many classes I take to try and learn, nothing sticks into my head about.  Grammar is not my friend.  Reference:  Why I Write
  7. I very rarely paint my fingernails, but usually always have my toe nails painted.  I just don’t see the point most of the time in painting my fingernails when they are going to start to chip a day after doing them, sometimes sooner.  
  8. We very rarely go to the movie theater.  We go, maybe, once a year.  We sometimes have good plans on going, but it just never happens.  The last movie we saw in the theater was Saving Mr. Banks; which was excellent.
  9. I like to drive; but if I haven’t driven in a while or if the car is doing funny things I’ll be scared to death to actually drive and won’t do it for the longest time.  I long for a brand new car, yes yes I know things can happen with a brand new car too, but its less likely to happen.
  10. I never used to like coffee or really anything that was served hot.  Jason got me on coffee a few years after we were together and I have been hooked since.  But he has to almost twist my arm to get me to drink hot tea when I am sick.
  11. I always have iced tea made in my fridge.  I grew up on iced tea all year around, so you’ll never find this house without it.
  12. I used to love cleaning.  Since moving to this house though, its gotten to where I don’t like it very much.  I think because so much needs upgraded that even though I do clean half of it doesn’t even look clean.  Drives me nuts.  I can’t wait to start our main floor bathroom remodel.
  13. I am looking to buy a new mattress for us.  I am so excited, but am a bit scared since I am buying it on Amazon and we never tested it to know if we’ll like it or not.  Amazon is the best way though for us to be able to afford a new bed and hopefully stop our aches.  We are looking at the DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze.