Give me my Comfort or Give me Death #blogboost

Comfy Blanket and Book - Angie

Today’s prompt from the UltimateBlogChallenge played off that today was bring your teddy bear to work day.  The idea was play off what comes in your mind when you think about an office, teddy bear itself, or idea behind a child’s teddy bear.  Those kind of things. Throwing those around in my head as I tried to think what I could play off and end up with a decent post with.  I decided I would go with things that give me comfort, as a teddy bear would a child.  Give me my Comfort or Give me Death I say!

There are quite a few things that come to my mind when I think of things that bring me comfort.  I doubt I’ll get through them all in this post, but I’ll get through the ones that pop up in the most in my head.

Stuffed Animal

Yes I have and have had stuffed animals that bring me much comfort when I need it or want it.  When I was little it was this medium-sized brown and white dog that I called Puppy.  Now its this long stuffed dog named Buddy, that stays on our bed all the time.  I might not always curl up with it to sleep anymore, but it’s there at times when I want it.  

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 250 - New Bed Set Up

You can see him in the middle of the pillows on the bed there.  That was the best recent picture I have of him.  But I don’t try to hide him.  I love him.  Jason bought him for me at some point, I am just not sure when.  I know he bought me one when I went down to see him while he was in Texas because I missed Rascal so, but that was a littler tan one; which I also have somewhere around here.

What can I say I like stuffed animals, still.


Of course, Roxy brings me much comfort day in and day out.  I love days where she is super cuddle which is more now then it used to be.  Especially on days where the temperature is starting to drop and I have a blanket on my lap.  She is more likely to cuddle with me then Daddy for some reason.  

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 256 - Cuddled Roxy

Whenever she is cuddled with me, I just feel better, comforted.

The Ocean

I know I have stated this time and time again, but I get great comfort and peace from the ocean.  Just sitting watching the waves, hearing the birds sing, and smelling that salt air puts me at peace and feels like a warm blanket has been wrapped around me.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 269 - Beach Sunset

Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if each and every time we went somewhere that is where we went.  Yes I like the mountains too, so I guess that couldn’t be completely true.  The ocean is amazing and awe-inspiring though.


Of course, he is a huge part of my comfort on a daily basis, even if he drives me completely batty at the same time.  We have been together 16 years and married for 11 of those.   He is the only one I want when I am sick, tired, or just plain sad.  


Book and Blanket 

And there are some days when I just want to curl up in a blanket and read my book. Forgot what I have to do or what I should do and just enjoy.  Something about that combo of a book and a comfy blanket=maga comfort to me.  Throw in a heating pad too and I’ll be even more in my comfort zone.  

Comfy Blanket and Book - Angie

Those are a few of my Give me my Comfort or Death – What are some of yours?  I’d love to hear them.  Maybe I’ll get some good comfort from hearing yours as well.