Beauty Monday with Exfolimate #exfolimate


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Healthy skin doesn’t just happen.  You have to work at it and build yourself a healthy skin routine.  I believe one of those routines is exfoliating.  Before finding these Exfolimates, I was good exfoliating my facial skin, but tended to waiver on doing any parts of my body.  I am not sure why exactly, probably laziness, it just seemed like an extra step that I could easily skip.


With these Exfolimates, it makes it very easy to exfoliate without an extra product to rinse off.  You just scrap the blade across your skin at the 90-degree angle and improve your skin and get rid of those dead cells.

Exfolimate - Uses

Exfolimate - how to use

I keep the body one in our shower and the face one up in our bathroom by my sink.  I have used the body one on my underarms and legs once before shaving thus far and color me amazed.  My underarms are usually very bumpy and never smooth like I picture they should be.  But, after just one use and then shaving, my skin seems much smoother under there and not as bumpy.  I love it!

Using the Exfolimate on my face, I haven’t noticed a huge difference nor a lot of gunk coming off when I scrap with it, but I love the way it makes my skin feel.   

Exfolimate - Body and Face

I am very happy with these Exolimates though and you should really go check them out and buy them for your own home.  $29.99 right now at Amazon with free shipping if you are a prime member, pretty great deal I think for two of them of different sizes.

  • ooh these sound awesome and i need to work on body exfoliation more too.

  • joleine

    These look awesome and they’re only 19.99 on amazon so I ordered some!

    • oh nice they have dropped since yesterday! Gotta love that. Hope you like them as much as I do!

  • aprilaakre

    sound like a great product. I need to exfoliate more and this would make it so much easier

    • I really am impressed with it. I didn’t think I would be

  • Melissa M. Miller

    Interesting. So, it’s not a brush? What more can you tell me about the device itself? Does it require a charge or plug-in?

    • You use it as you see it Melissa – its just a blade that you put a 90 degree angle on your skin while its wet and go like shaving.

  • Ooh! I’ve never thought about exfoliating my underarms. I always just thought all the tv girls must be photoshopped 🙂 seems like a great product.

    • Its really amazing. I am so curious on the difference it’ll be after a few more uses.

  • I have tried this before. I was a little confused before receiving it. However, my overall experience was positive.

    • I know! I thought the same thing. I had to read the paper a few times and I was finally oh I’ll just go do it. lol That worked better.

  • Shauna Lynn

    Did you soap first, exfoliate, then shave? I definitely need to start some type of antiaging routine on my face, and exfoliating helps those products get where they need to go 🙂 I’m seeing fine lines and wrinkles and just realized I’m mid thirties…….*sigh*

    • I did the exfoliate first, then used my body wash and then shaved.

  • Christina Shelley

    Whoa, I never even knew this existed! It sounds like a great product! thanks for sharing!