Monday Wishes

Monday Wishes

I decided since I didn’t have anything for Beauty Monday, that I’d start-up a Monday Wishes.  I’ll throw this in here and there when I have a few wishes I’d like to get off my chest.  I had an idea about doing a link-up for it, is anyone interested in a link-up for Monday Wishes?  Please let me know!  Give me your ideas.  

Monday Wishes

I wish…I didn’t worry so much. A little tiny thing will show up and I’ll fear it’s the biggest most horrible thing. I am going to die. Jason is going to die. Roxy is going to die. I have cancer. Jason is going to die of a heart attack or stroke. The house is going to catch fire. My flat-iron was left on, therefore the house is going to go up in smoke and Roxy is going to die in there. *sighs* I really really wish my mind would stop that, none of that is likely to happen anytime soon. Or likely ever. But oh me…it needles at me and makes me cranky and searching up every little thing to make myself worry even more. I wish I could stop. I wish I just thought like a normal person.

I wish…that we could run away to the beach for a week, or at least 3 to 4 nights.  I need a recharge and the ocean is one of my recharges.  I wish we could rent a house on the ocean and I can get my fill of the ocean waves crashing, the sun setting into the ocean for the evening, the birds singing their songs and that amazing sea salt air smell.  Likely our next getaway is going to be inland, so even further away from my sea air.  I wish it was possible to go now and stay awhile. 

I wish…that I was less quiet and shy. Life would be easier in so many forms.

I wish…that this blog would grow even more and I could have a bit more of a steady income from it. It’s growing, but ever so slowly and I never feel like I am not good enough or doing things well enough. I often feel like a failure because I don’t bring in a steady enough income.

Let’s bring out those wands and bring an I wish…

What do you wish for right now, at this moment? Don’t think about it too much, just go!