Project 52 – Week 24 – Below #Project52Photos

Project 52 - Below

Welcome to Project 52. One theme, one photo, once a week. Simple. I hope this project will help you grow as a photographer. Amy, Sarah and I are going to co-host this link up each week. Each of us will pick a favorite from the previous link up to share each week.

I know, I am so late this week.  I’m so sorry.  I was tempted to skip this week too but decided NO, I don’t want to skip at all anymore.  I swear to you though this should be the last week I am late like I have been the last month.  Things are settling and feel a bit more normal again, so I am looking forward to getting back to this blog and you all.

As is my way with this project, I’d like to highlight my personal favorite from those that linked up last week with the theme of Movement.  So many fun shots this week and different ways to highlight movement, I loved them all.  

My favorite though was my fellow co-host, Amy’s, from Marvelous Mommy, of her hummingbird.

Project 52 - Movement - Favorite

Amazing right?  She even was able to capture the little wings in mid stride.  Just beautiful and plus I have a thing with hummingbirds!

Project 52 – Week 24 – Below

I had a hard time thinking of something for this weeks theme.  I finally asked Jason, my inspiration, and he gave me several options since I was already late and short on time, I went with what was the easiest.  Shameful I know.

Project 52 - Below

Please don’t mind the walls.  Jason started to peel off the peeling wallpaper and he has left it like this and it just looks gross. But this is looking “below” from on our spiral staircase from our bedroom to the main floor.  It actually turned out to be a pretty fun shot, as long as you don’t pay attention to the walls.  

What did you get for below this week?  I can’t wait to see it.  Link-Up below.

Here are the themes for the next 52 Weeks. Feel free to join in at any time! Project52Photos Feel free to join us on instagram using the hashtag #Project52Photos.

Project 52

This Weeks Theme: Food

Next Weeks Theme: Haze

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Project 52

Come back next Friday to link up your shots of Food! The ideas are limitless on this theme.

 photo loveme.png

  • Debbie Gibson

    Awesome shot of the humming bird, and your stairs look like a architectural artsy pic. I love seeing the pictures each week

    • Thanks my bestie 🙂 – – I was floored with the hummingbird picture, beautiful. And thanks….I was tickled with really how great it turned out, minus the walls lol

  • I love the hummingbird shots! They are such amazing creatures and one of my favorite birds to watch.

  • aprilaakre

    I love spiral staircases, they are so neat. Neat picture.

  • Maggie C

    Both pictures are really cool!

  • Kandi

    That is a fun shot! Our walls are looking the same as we fix up our house this summer so no worries there!

    • Thanks Kandi, for both liking the shot and ignoring the walls lol