Lessons To Be Taught From Your Dog

Lessons To Be Taught From Your Dog

Roxy has a hard life.  Sleeping, Playing, Eating, and Begging are her main topics and you can tell she just is so abused and not spoiled at all.  No, Way!

Watching your dog, you start to click on things that you have to learn from them.  Yes, you have lessons that can be taught from that fur thing laying on your couch next to you.  Roxy and Rascal before her made me realize that there are just lessons to be taught from your dog.  

Take a seat and listen as Roxy and I help you learn the lessons to be taught from your dog!

Lessons To Be Taught From Your Dog

Take A Nap – It can just a ten-minute time out, but a little nap never hurt anyone.  You’ll feel recharged and ready to go, just like your dog!  Take a nap together and you’ll have some amazing cuddle time and feel more ready for the rest of the day.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 184 - Lounging Roxy

Play – It can be anything, but make time for play.  Even us adults need that playtime like our dogs.  You might not realize it, but it helps us stay relaxed and less stressed, therefore, less health issues.  Laughter comes out of playtime too, which again helps our health and just overall makes us happier.  So play!

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 129 - Happy Girl

Greet Your Loved Ones  – There is nothing like being greeted by your dog when you walk into the room again.  Do that with your loved ones.  Greet them with love and hugs and kisses each and every time they get home.  Not only will you build a stronger relationship with them because of the taking the time out to give them some love when they get home, but that healthy element again for both of you.

Cover Your Poo and Move On – Try and not dwell on the crap behind you.  Just covered it up and walk on your merry way! Enough said!

Roll in the Grass – Feel that amazing grass on your back as the sun beats down on you.  It’s relaxing, truly.  Just don’t roll in stinky stuff like Roxy likes to do – but she says go ahead and do it, it’s fun!  But you may need a bath once you’re done, at least that is what Mom tells me says, Roxy.

Cuddle – Take a few minutes each day and cuddle in tight to your loved ones.  Same reason as greeting them when they get home.  Cuddle time is the best time!

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 26 - Healing from the Dental Cleaning

Roxy and I would love to know the lessons you may have learned from your dog.  Leave me your tales below in the comments so Roxy and I can learn more lessons!

  • aprilaakre

    aww I love this and they are so true. Oh how much I would love to take naps, it never happens. Greet your loved ones is a great and sweet thing to do. I love how excited Trigger gets when I get home even if I am only gone for 45 minutes. I love how he gives me unconditional love .

    • Giving others unconditional love would be a great addition to the list too.

  • Shauna Lynn

    AWWWWW. She is so adorable!!!

    • Thanks Shauna, she truly knows she is cute, so we try and not tell her too often lol 😉

  • She is such a cutie. I agree about the napping one for sure – I wish I could stretch out like that.

    • napping can sure recharge you, I totally see why she enjoys it so much

  • Rose Powell

    Roxy is one smart pup, that’s all I’ve got to say, my favorite is take a nap and cuddle. Two of my favorites. I struggle with walking away from the crap though, it just follows me everywhere.

    • She is. I admire her way of thinking. I wish I could learn more about covering that shit up and moving on too. She does it flawlessly.

      • Rose Powell

        That is a definite challenge, they hold no grudges, they just handle the business and keep on keep keeping on…