No More Uncomfortable Moments #bringcomfyback

No More Uncomfortable Moments - U by Kotex

We all have uncomfortable moments in life.  Some uncomfortable moments are worse for others then they can be for someone else.  Like I don’t do well in crowds, they make me uncomfortable.  I also don’t do well on the phone and totally makes me uncomfortable.  Don’t even get me started on trying to think up a conversation with someone I barely know. What things/situations make you uncomfortable more so than it would others?

I can recall countless times while wearing an average panty liner it making me just overall uncomfortable and wanting to just stay closed up in the house so I didn’t embarrass myself trying to get comfortable.

No More Uncomfortable Moments - U by Kotex

Now we have new U by Kotex liners in U by Kotex Curves and U by Kotex Lightday Liners,  we can rejoice with no more uncomfortable moments.  Kiss goodbye those uncomfortable times where you didn’t want to leave the house and join the living again with ease and confidence.   

No More Uncomfortable Moments #bringcomfyback

5 Ways I Plan To Stay Comfortable

  1. Bring My Smile – somehow just smiling and pushing forward helps put yourself and others at ease.  Flashing those pretty whites (so make sure you have brushed, flossed and did a rinse) puts everyone at ease so you can have no more uncomfortable moments.
  2. Freshly Done Makeup – I can’t help but feel more comfortable in my own skin when my face is all put together nicely and I can put that fresh face forward.  Being able to put on some coverup, eyeshadow, eyeliner and a bit of mascara and I feel like a new woman.
  3. Wear Well Fitting Clothes – Clothes that fit and make you feel overall good make all the difference in you being comfortable.  Don’t focus so much on style but what feels good to you.  You’re going to sit there and pick at stuff if you are uncomfortable and there is no need to be uncomfortable.  Wear for your comfort and say hello to no more uncomfortable moments.
  4. Comfortable Shoes – again you are going to be uncomfortable and it’s going to show if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes.  If you aren’t a fan of high heels, don’t wear them.  If you are comfortable in high heels, but all means kick those heels up and wear them proudly.  Wear what makes you comfortable and it’s going to make all the difference.
  5. Wear Panty Liners – there is no need to worry about spotting or feeling uncomfortable with the right liners.  Why don’t you check out the U by Kotex Curves Liners or the U by Kotex Lightdays Liners.  Both are meant to be comfortable so you can wear them and not even think about them again. We all love that.

U by Kotex Curves Liners come in these fun bright bold colors, so you don’t feel like you have to hide them.  They fit your undies so that they fit you with ease.  While also keeping you clean and comfy.

No More Uncomfortable Moments - U by Kotex Packages

The U by Kotex Lightday Liners ideal for light flow days or a backup tampon.  With a breathable cover that is soft and silky to touch that flexes to your body. 

You have options out there.  Say Hello to No More Uncomfortable Moments.

Grab yourself a sample now and then enter to win with your most uncomfortable face – each month there will be one lucky winner of a $200 Urban Outfitters card, a Go Pro Hero 3, and a $100 Sephora card with U by Kotex products!  You can’t win if you don’t enter so go NOW.

No More Uncomfortable Moments - Uncomfortable Face
Getting a picture of your own uncomfortable face is hard.


How do you plan to stop those uncomfortable moments?  I would love to see a picture of your uncomfortable face in the comments below and then enter to win in the contest.