Currently – June

Currently - Angies Angle

The sixth month of the year, June has already found us.  Which means a new monthly Currently link up with Anne & Jenna.  With Currently, if you are new around here, you are giving 5 prompts to follow with what is currently happening your life.  It’s a fun link-up and I look forward to it each month.  Won’t you join us?  Without further ado, Currently – June coming up!

Currently – June


Our BBQ this weekend.  I got picked from Tryazon to host a Molkky game party and shortly there after I was also picked for a collection of Rooster Fin games.  So I am combining the two in hopes to get them all planned and pictures taken, the entire thing.  We’ll just be doing hamburgers and hot dogs and in hopes whoever may come to bring a side to share.  I’ll be doing my regular fruit and vegetable tray though, as it’s my thing so I know I always have that fresh yummy!


This cool slightly rainy day before our way too hot for the first of June days fly their way in this weekend.  High 90’s almost 100 – WHAT?  It’s only June.  This is not my happy space.  And the day of our BBQ, I moved the time to 5 in hopes some of the high heat of the day will have leveled off.  Since we’ll be outside and no air conditioner inside, so yes I am enjoying this cool day today.


Nothing at this time.  Though I do have my mind on what we should be getting tonight when we head out to get what we need for the BBQ Saturday.  Otherwise no buying happening over here right now.


Can you believe I am not really craving anything at this moment?  


Gosh this is going to sound boring, but again nothing.  I haven’t pinned anything in a long time.  I pin my giveaways from the blog but otherwise I haven’t been paying that much attention to Pinterest as of lately.


  • Debbie Gibson

    I’m excited for the BBQ this weekend, I am planning on bringing a pasta salad. Hopefully other people show up also, otherwise it will be just the three of us since the kids have friends who are getting baptized that day so they will be else where. And since I have been craving sweet tea and pork Rhonda, I am currently sitting outside enjoying both while watching my animals. 😉

    • I hope we have an okay turn out for it, but we shall see. At least we can play the games needed and I get my photos and get those all done for the blog & site. Now at least Dylan is coming!!!

  • I did a lot of ignoring where Pinterest is concerned lately, too. That is probably much better for my time management and fighting Pinterest jealousy, but then there aren’t as many pretties to look at. A BBQ with games sounds like a great way to spend the day! Have fun!

    • I tend to go through streaks of Pinterest pinning…most I see lately I am like yep already got there – yep already seen that. So a break in between is needed lol The BBQ would be better if it wasn’t going to be as hot as it is. ick. Especially we have a game we have to play outside.

  • The barbecue/game party sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun! We really like playing board games and card games in this house.

    • I wish I could find more people in my area that actually enjoy games…would make our game night gatherings a bit more easy and full.

  • Terri Irvin

    I am planning a BBQ for a family reunion and I think I need to find some new fun family games to play…We always play the same games. Have fun!

    • OH yes, bringing in new games to play is always fun – just make sure to read the directions BEFORE the party so you are prepared (something we have forgotten to do countless times lol)