Hydrating Skin with Artistry Hydra-V Skin Care Line

Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V

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I think it’s safe to say that most you already know that I am more than willing to try any new skin care or makeup line out there.  I just never know when I’ll find the next thing that is going to do magic on my skin or even just really make me happy while using it.  So why not keeping trying products.  I understand that some of you have sensitive skin and can’t try anything and everything like I can.  Am thankful that I don’t have any sensitive skin and can try most things to see what happens.  I try my best to let you know if I think it might be sensitive to some skin types, though I won’t always know since my skin isn’t sensitive. Which is why I was more than willing to try the Artistry Hydra-V Skin Care Line for my friend Becca. 

Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V

Hydrating Skin with Artistry Hydra-V Skin Care Line

Now this hydrating skin line is made by Artistry and is a 5 step system.  It meant to be used so your skin can absorb better the moisture it needs.  My face doesn’t so much need any extra amount of moisture personally, but I still found this system to work well for my combination skin.  The whole system has also been allergy and dermatologist tested.  Which is good to be noted.

  1. Artistry Hydra-V™ Fresh Foaming Cleanser – retail price of $24 in a 4.2oz – It never leaves you with a dry tight feeling after washing and washes away even the most stubborn makeup.  You are left with a clean comfortable and refreshed face.  Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V-2

    The cleanser comes out into your hands as a thick gel, but the more water you add in as you wash your face the foamier it gets.  Sometimes I had a hard time foaming up the bit where I applied the product to wash my face with, but that was my only downfall of this product.  It did indeed leave me with a clean fresh face that felt soft and not tight and dry like some cleansers can.  

  2. Artistry Hydra-V™ Fresh Toner – retail price of $24 in a 6.7oz – This removes the last traces of dirt and makeup that the cleanser may have left behind.  It is also alcohol-free and leaves your skin calm and soothed.  Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V-3

    I liked using this toner, it was a soft application that left my face a bit more smooth after using the cleanser. It’s supposed to leave your face more hydrated right away after using it.  Again, I personally didn’t notice that since my skin isn’t really dry or in need of the extra boost of moisture this line is meant for.

  3. Artistry Hydra-V™ Vital Skin Serum Concentrate – retail price of $67 in a 1.0oz – Filled with a trio of  rare, pristine ingredients helps increase hydration, with vitamins and minerals to replenish the skin. Lightweight blue beads burst to release a fresh mix of vitamins A, C, and E for beautiful, healthy-looking skin that’s deeply hydrated, fresh, and radiant.  This is meant to be put on in the morning.  Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V-4

    This is probably my favorite product of this hydrating skin line.  It was a lightweight formula that absorbed quickly and easily and left my skin feeling better overall.  While I didn’t notice personally the main effect of the moisturizing that it’s meant for, it just made my skin feel ready for the day more so than my previous serums.  

  4. Artistry Hydra-V™ Refreshing Eye Gel Cream – retail price of $45 in a 0.5oz – Meant to intensely hydrate while also diminishing those under eye circles and puffiness.  Meant to last all day long, so you don’t have to worry about those eyes all day long.Hydrating Skin Artistry Hydra-V-6

    I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference in my under eye area while using this one.  It did feel nice when I applied it and I liked that it too absorbed in quickly, but sadly my puffiness and dark circles seemed to just stay put with this one.  Though you may have a different outcome cause all of our skins are different and do different things with different products.

  5. Artistry Hydra-V™ Lotions in Moisture Cream (for dry skin), Nourishing Gel Cream (for combination skin) and Refreshing Gel (mattifies oily skin zones) – all retail price each of $43 in 1.7oz – Different lines of lotions to fit your needs and wants.I didn’t use this much during the day as it didn’t have SPF in it and I like for my day lotions to have some kind of SPF product in it.  But I did use it at night and that worked well for me.  

Do you think this line of hydrating skin with Artistry Hydra-V Skin Care Line could be for you?  Make sure to visit the links and check out the whole line of products to see if you can find what might fit you better if this hydrating skin isn’t for you!  What would be your favorite product from this line?

Remember that when used as a whole system you can see and feel the difference quickly.

Up to 24-hour lasting hydration.
After 3 days, skin looks and feels healthier, more supple, smoother, and fresher looking.
After 28 days, a clinically measured significant improvement in skin texture.

What are you waiting for?