Catch the Moment 366 Week 45 #CatchtheMoment366


Another week in the books and another week of random photos to share with you all.  This last week for Catch the Moment 366 Week 45 was pretty quiet once again.  We did get a very quick trip to the beach in but had to hurry back for my dentist appointment Monday.  At least, we got to test out the Mazda CX-3 I had for the week.  Will be posting all the details for that Wednesday.  

Not much blog work actually happened this last week either. Why? Because I couldn’t stand to be on the computer for a long length of time like normal.  Just too much going on the interwebs for me.  Instead, you found me curled up on the couch coloring, reading and taking bubble baths.  

Catch the Moment 366 Week 45


Day 310 – Friday, November 4th – When it’s late at night and realize you hadn’t gotten a photo yet that day.  You flop down your book on your dog and take a photo for the day.  Roxy is so annoyed by the brightness of the camera.


Day 311 – Saturday, November 5th – Not something you see every day in our little neighborhood.  I had just taken the photo to send off to Jason but it ended up being the only photo I captured that day.  


Day 312 – Sunday, November 6th – Off to our adventure of Casinos & the coast.  Roxy again says Mom, I no like that camera.  Put it away!


Day 313 – Monday, November 7th – Roxy getting some much-needed beach free time.  Such a happy girl.  What I didn’t capture is that this little girl almost gave me a heart attack.  She chased after a seagull that was sitting on the edge of the water, the seagull moved into the water and Roxy dashed right in with it.  She had never gone all the way in the water like that before so we had no clue of she what she’d do.  I anxiously watched as she turned to find where we were and made her way back to us swimming.  Thank god.  Jason, meanwhile, was just laughing his head off.  


Day 314 – Tuesday, November 8th – One of my finished projects by stepping AWAY from the computer. I quite like it!


Day 315 – Wednesday, November 9th – Needless to say, I grab any chance I get to test out any and all type of games. I applied for this Tryazon party and snagged it, sadly the party itself kind of fell apart.  So it’ll just be Jason and I playing the games & doing the blog post later this week. Be on the watch!


Day 316 – Thursday, November 10th – My baby girl snuggling away. 

How was your week?

  • aprilaakre

    Aww I love all of the pictures of sweet Roxy. I hope you have a better week this week