Forward Thinking for New Year 2017

Forward Thinking for New Year

First, welcome to 2017.  It’s a few days in, but I wanted to try to gather my thoughts before putting the forward thinking for new year into words on here. Not that I still have many thoughts or where this will be going.  I am hoping that once I start typing that my goals and maybe word will flow.

For the last few years, I picked a word to follow for the year along with a list of things I’d like to do.  I am not sure if I’ll be doing a word this year at all or if I am just going to be picking up on a few things that I’d like to accomplish for the new year.  Because I do indeed love a list to follow.

Forward Thinking for New Year

Forward Thinking for New Year 

New Car

I know without a doubt the one main big thing we need to do is get a new car.  Ours is just not great anymore and we fear driving it anywhere but around town.  And it’s a pain to try to get a car to review from DriveShop to just do anything any distance. We love getting to test the cars but would rather have a good car so when we do get one to test that it’s just a fun experience instead of a need. 

That is number one on the list, figure out exactly what type of car we want and how much we can spend to do it affordability and yet be able to get a brand new car.  We are leaning towards the Mazda Cx-5 thus far.  Time will tell if we stick with it. 

The Blog

I think I need to bring back more of “me” to this blog.  Having giveaways, sponsored posts are all great, but I think an important part of the blog is showcasing me, Roxy, and Jason in our everyday life too.  While visiting other blogs, I thrive when they are posting just their everyday life.  I need that back here.  

Sometimes though it’s hard to think of ideas, which is why quite often I go radio silence but for the Catch the Moment, Giveaway, and Swagbucks posts.  

With that, I hope to start earning a bit more on the blog again, while 2015 was good for earning, 2016 was slightly quieter on that front.  Mostly because of that noggin not wanting to think.  I am hoping to change all that again this year!

On the other hand, my social media on all platforms increased greatly and made me excited.  Let’s shoot for even more growth this year!

The House

There is so much work we need and want to do around the house that hopefully this is the year that it starts to get done.  I started showing you all the before pictures and still have a few to go.  Then hopefully I can start showing you all the improvements and what we did and how we did it.

Am not even sure where we need to start over more than other areas.  I guess it’ll just take the where we happen to dive into first, as long as we get started.


Because of partnership with DriveShop we were able to do a lot more weekend getaways, which was so much fun. This year I hope we can do more again and just overall explore more.  We should be able to more easily once we get our new car too.

Also, we need to camp more than once.  When we went camping with the soccer crew in October we ended up staying two nights ourselves and it was so needed and great.  You totally forget just how great it is to just get out there and relax.

Maybe try to reach out to some PR people and try to get some partnership with hotels, and the likes to be able to share it with you all as well as an added bonus.  We shall see.

Life and Health in General

Overall, I just want Jason, Roxy, and myself to be happy and healthy.  We are trying low-carb for a certain health concern and hopefully that will work for us all.  As well hopefully it won’t feel like we are getting deprived because of it.  

After I have written this, I don’t think I am going to do a word this year.  One may come to me later in the year, but for now, I am just going to stay with this general list and go forth with the forward thinking of new year!

What are your hopes and dreams for the new year?  Is there anything special at all you’d like to see around here that I could provide for you?  I’d love to hear those too!

Happy 2017 everyone!

  • Kelly O’Malley

    I wish you the best for 2017. It sounds like you have a lot of things on the docket. I too am doing the low carb thing. I am 5 days in and still is hard. I had been consuming far too much refined sugar and breaking that cycle has been more difficult than I realized. I guess that shows how important it is, to finally break the habit.

    • Thank you Kelly. I should say we are trying low-carbish. lol I have no idea how well we are doing, but mainly cut out the white bread, rice and regular potatoes and loaded up on the veggies. We have been doing this kinda since the end of November, but hopefully will figure it out more soon.

  • Ang Lombardi

    Happy New Year!!!! I am also doing the low carbs! Saving money to go on a vacation and most likely having to buy a new car!

    • Thanks Ang! It seems so many are doing low-carb right now.

  • aprilaakre

    You got some great goals. I know you will do great. I haven’t thought about my goals too much but one I really need to work on is to eat healthier

    • Hopefully at least some of them pan out this year 😉 Eating healthy is such a big one and once you get into the routine of it, its fairly easy. Just getting there is hard…

  • Great Plans, you will achieve it…