How I am More of a Night Owl

How I Am More of a Night Owl

Birds are happily singing as I sit down on the front porch with my cup of coffee and my current book.  The world around me is just awakening even though it’s already 9 in the morning.  This, though, is my time.  Relishing the simple quiet of the morning while the birds singing is all I can hear with the occasional bark of a dog.  

There is nowhere else I’d rather be. Unless it was sitting facing the rush of the waves of the ocean.  Nothing more could make me happier.  Mornings are amazing and simple.  Yet, I am not a morning person.  Just how I am more of a night owl than you ask?

How I Am More of a Night Owl

How I am More of a Night Owl

Why if I enjoy the morning time so much do I claim to be a night owl?  How does that work you ask?  Well, I don’t do mornings.  Sleeping is much more my style and my liking.  The idea of crawling out of my nice warm sheets where dreams are finding me is not appealing.  Yet, once I am out of bed and have the basic morning routine done, I am excited and love my simple half hour to hour of quiet and reading.  Just being there with my coffee, my book, and my Roxy girl.  

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Nights though are much more my style.  Only because I don’t have to get over that whole getting out of bed thing. Quite often my body and eyes are ready to lay down at 10 to 11 pm yet I’ll lay in bed another hour or two playing my games and then reading my kindle.

If I am doing something in the evening I can last longer though and don’t think about how heavenly my bed sounds. 

In all actuality, I am probably not a morning person or a night owl.  I’m just me living the day the best I can to get pure enjoyment out of it.  While trying to get work done in between.

Needing to know, do you classify as a morning person or a night owl?  Or are you like me and really don’t fit into either bracket?

  • RoseSiders

    Yet another thing where we are exactly alike. I am totally a night owl. If I don’t set an alarm my natural rising time is 9 or 930. Used to be even later when I was young and stayed out late! Ps that balcony looks awesome! I miss the beach!

    • I have my alarm set for 8:30 anymore but usually ignore it until 9 which annoys me cause I want to get up so I can get settled and enjoy my reading time. lol AND I have to wait a half hour to hour to have any coffee or food for my thyroid pill to settle. SO the sooner I get up and get my pill in, the sooner I can have my coffee with my book. lol And this was my favorite view on our travels this last year!

  • aprilaakre

    I don’t think I am either just like you. I don’t want to get out of my bed in the morning. It takes me a little while to fully wake up, coffee does help with that. Most nights I am in bed by 10 pm and am completely exhausted.

    • Our life doesn’t really meld well to getting to bed before 11, mostly because of soccer nights. I try so hard to get upstairs soon as I can though so I can start my routine and get settled. BUT…it hardly ever works lol

  • baby cake

    I am a night owl all the way! My day is strange to other people. I sleep until 11 and when I get up I drink my coffee, get on the laptop and read the news, then check my emails. I finally get dressed around 2 or so and that is when my really starts. All appointments, etc are totally scheduled as late in the day possible. I usually go to bed about 3am and read for an hour or so. So I am totally a night owl and proud of it! LOL!

    • I used to sleep that late but I am trying to get into a better routine. lol And YEP any appointments I make are always 1 or later. Or I try. Even though I get up between 8 to 10…I don’t get dressed until 3 to 4 quite often because I don’t have anywhere to go or anything to be ready for until evening.