Spring is My Favorite Season and Here are 4 Reasons Why

My favorite season is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited.  Spring you guys!  Spring has sprung. Though our weather says otherwise at this moment. But, it’s coming. This weekend is looking like a bit more Spring-like weather will be showing itself and I am pretty excited about that.

This post idea was inspired when I visited Brittany over at Where My Soul Belongs. She wrote My Favorite Things About Spring in the PNW and I couldn’t help relate to this and had to write out my own version.

Spring has always been my favorite season and I can’t wait to share with you all my 4 reasons why.

My Favorite Season – Spring

Nature Reawaken

Of course, nature doesn’t go anywhere during the cooler months. But you know what I am referring to.  Those birds start singing each morning. Flowers start blooming everywhere. Trees start to sprout their wonderful leafs and flowers. 

This period just makes me utterly happy.  It’s almost like one can forget how amazing all these little everyday things are until you don’t have them for a short period.  

What is your favorite part of nature reawakening?  Do you notice it too? 

Morning Porch Time

Morning is not my time. But, there is nothing more I enjoy or look forward to then sitting outside on the porch in the mornings. Butterflies start to float in my stomach wondering when will it be warm enough to sit out there and enjoy that morning air.  Even though I don’t start to sit out there until 8 to 9 am, there is still that stirring of the world waking up. 

Catch the Moment 366 Week 27 - Day 189 - My Favorite Type of Mornings

Give me Roxy, my book, and my coffee and I will be completely and utterly happy. The only thing that would top this is having the ocean as my view instead of my neighborhood.

It still isn’t warm enough, especially in the mornings, for me to sit outside and do this. But, I know it’s coming and my routine will slightly shift to do just this.

More Outside Time

In general, you just want to do more outside. Hiking, camping, sightseeing. The world is open when the weather starts to turn to the beautiful Spring weather. 

I can’t wait for longer walks and more adventures than just the little jaunts in our neighborhood. More hiking will be happening this spring/summer without a doubt. The itch is starting to get out there and explore more. 

What are some of your favorite hikes in the PNW?

Perfect Temperature 

For me, Spring has the perfect temperatures. I will complain about the heat and I will complain about the cold. Give me the 6o to 80 temperature range and I am going to be completely and utterly happy. Spring has that. It rarely gets too hot or too cold. 

You will find me sitting in the afternoon reading my chair with these temperatures. Soaking up that sun, warming up my skin and my inner core.

Oh, perfection. Give me some of those right now if you please!

What is your perfect temperature?

Those are just some of my reasons for Spring being my favorite season. Holding out hope that this Sunday and Monday are going to be in those 60’s they are calling for with the sun!

Do you enjoy Spring? Is it your favorite? Or does another season hold your heart?


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  • Susan

    I’m with you — I LOVE spring, particularly after our long, dark winters here in the midwest! I love your flower photo. And, like you, sitting outside and reading is another thing I love. Not warm enough for that here either, but yeah — it’s coming! Thank you for such an optimistic post!

    • Thanks Susan. Spring is just an amazing time of the year. We had a great day here today (was a tad chilly but not bad). It’s getting closer and closer!

  • Spring is my fave season too! Especially the warmer weather and beautiful flowers in bloom.

    • Yes, seeing those flowers pop out of the ground is exciting.

  • Ban Nagi

    Spring’s like, vanishing all your bad thoughts, bad moods that you’ve been having since winter. Idk, it always happened to me like that. Which is why I like spring more.

  • I love Spring and enjoy the new warmth and new growth exciting after surviving another cold winter.