Showing My Struggling Self

Showing My Struggling Self

I have been struggling. Which I know some of you that have read that read/looked at my Catch the Moment postings the last few weeks. Plus the whole not being very active on this lovely blog too.  The signs have been there that I am struggling.  I thought it was time for showing my struggling self.

Part of my new motto around my social media outlets has been living life in no filter. I want to try and show me. Everything you see will be who I am and what our world is. There won’t be some pretty filter or words to hide it. What you see, is what you’ll get. There will be no pretending that I fit into this certain mold. I am me with varying levels, likes, dislikes, and anything else.

Showing My Struggling Self

Showing My Struggling Self

For whatever reason, this year has been hard for me.  Ideas for new posts are not coming to me. My brain feels broken. Quite often I feel like Pooh Bear sitting here saying “Think, Think, Think” as I tap my head.

Because of lack of ideas, lacking posting, I haven’t gotten paid much. And all that lands on me. Reasons behind not getting sponsored posts are the lack of posting, lacking ideas to pitch to get picked for a sponsored post, and lack of energy.

Wishing there was some magic switch to make my brain click again and actually think of things to post about. Especially evergreen posts so I can keep readers coming back.

This year several times I thought about trying something different, quitting this as my full-time gig and trying to figure out something else. But what I do? I’m quiet in person. Being around others makes me nervous, especially strangers. This blog is something I can do behind the scenes in my own home and on my own schedule. This is the PERFECT job for me if only my brain would switch back into gear.

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Good Side of This Year

The only good thing that I can say that was accomplished this year is getting to review cars for the Wheels Wednesday post. At least we have had a reliable car to use and have had some fun times testing out features. But let me tell you, being able to drive a brand new car and tell you all about it is just exciting. I still want to test out cars in the future but will be glad once we get a new car and I don’t have to completely rely on getting a car to do anything.

Here I am, I am struggling. There will be no running away. This blog will grow. Just need to figure out how to switch my brain over again. I want to write. Heck, I NEED to get paid.

I feel like such a loser not making any money this year and again it’s all on me.  I’m the only one that can change that fact and I am hoping to.

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  • aprilaakre

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Blogging isn’t easy. I would rather read posts like this, it is relatable and honest. Just keep doing what you are doing when you think of an idea for a blog post write it down. You can also accept guest posts on your blog, that is an easy way to make a little of money. I will try to brainstorm more ideas for you. But please don’t be so hard on yourself you do a great job.

    • April, you are the BEST!! I don’t plan to go anywhere and will keep plugging along just wanted to throw it all out there that I am struggling but trying 🙂

  • Carmita Barnes

    I agree I think you are to hard on yourself ! You are an amazing young lady with a heart of gold. Your ideas will come back. It’s like any other job you get tired of doing it after a while. I’ll be praying for ideas to pop back in your head like a light bulb lol I love you sis !

    • Thanks sis. It is just horrible that it’s been basically this whole year – not earning very much money is the hard part of it all too. I love you too!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Rose Powell

    Angie, what is beautiful about this post is that not only does it bear your truth but it also makes me realize that I’m not alone. I have completely abandoned my blog I have very seldomly posted this year. This year has been absolutely tough and it’s made me refocus on what’s important and what I want to do. I too have lacked for ideas and and I haven’t made much either. In this area of life going back to work full time has shifted gears for me in my personal area, where I enjoyed doing things for my blog. But I say all this to let you know you are not alone. Do not to be so hard on yourself sometimes we need that break sometimes, we need that moment to just breathe and just be. Then when we come back to it it will be better than it was before! So just hit the refresh button and keep moving because you have an amazing blog, you are full of great ideas and you can achieve what you wish, don’t give UP! I’m so proud of you!

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