Dear Angie – An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Angie-

Dear Angie-

Dear Angie:

I know things haven’t been the greatest on the earnings front this year. Which left you feeling like a loser and if you should just stop doing what you are doing and move on. Move on to what though?

The only thing you really have to show for this last year was getting a reliable car to use because of your blog. There were little-paid gigs, nothing put away like a normal year for you. Things feel and have felt bad for you.

But you know what, you had a car to go and do things this last year that you wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing in your current car. You have started to do video and instastories.  Things you swore you’d never do.

You are growing and learning.  Next year will be better. You have a few months left in this year to dust yourself off, build your blog back up.

Everyone has bad creative times.  When things just won’t come to you or you just don’t feel like being online period. It’s okay. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now and there is no reason to think you can’t build back up and even overshoot where you once were.

You got this and things will get better again. Hold fast, keep moving. Keep trying, keep typing, and keep taking those photos.

Do more Local Tuesday spotlights, I have a feeling that is where the most growth potential is. Bring more of you into the blog again. Growth is hard especially when times are hard. But just keeping plowing on.

Signed Your Inner Self
*Keep Smiling, Keep Trying*