Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Christmas Traditions

Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Christmas Traditions

Dusk is showing itself. Snow is softly falling outside. All is quiet in the world.

Wait. It’s not quiet. There is a shout from the front porch. What is that?

Oh, that would just be my husband and I trying to get the tree into the house. You are lucky you are only hearing the outside shouts. Inside you’ll find bickering, is that tree straight? Hold it!  I am! Grumble, grumble. That needs cut. I know, just wait already. Now, is it straight? Yes….I think so.

Does that sound familiar to anyone else that gets a real tree? The battle it causes is insane. But the results are beautiful.

With it being December now, I thought it would be fun to let you in our Christmas traditions and hopefully, you feel inspired to leave some of yours after reading. Maybe you’ll inspire us for some new Christmas traditions, which I’d love!

Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Christmas Traditions

Our Christmas Traditions

First Weekend of December

We always start decorating the first full weekend of December.  It was my tradition growing up and one we now do ourselves. That means getting the tree and putting up what other decorations we decide on.

Now we are not fancy or really motivated, so we don’t get a tree at a tree farm.   Fred Meyer used to be our place to get our tree each year, but the last few years their choice has been horrible.  So the last couple years we have gotten our tree at Chucks Produce. Chucks Produce is just a local natural store that we love.

When do you usually start decorating for Christmas?

I figure doing it the first weekend of December gives us a whole month of Holiday decoration fun. For us, a month is just the perfect amount of time. Not too long nor too short.

Catch the Moment 366 Week 50 - Day 348 - 2016 Christmas Tree


A big part of growing up was me playing games.  It’s still a huge part of who I am and how I prefer to spend time in groups. I buy us a few games each Christmas. Addressed to both of us and opened like any other gift but I know what it is.

I fondly remember getting several games on Christmas and then spending the rest of Christmas day playing them. I love it and it brings me happy memories of that and hopefully new memories to make.  Now that we don’t stay home on Christmas day, we can’t play games all day like that. But I wish we could!

Catch the Moment 366 Week 52 - Day 360 - Game of Life

Before we moved to Vancouver, Christmas Day would mean chili dogs & being lazy.  And of course, playing some games. It was Heaven, Christmas now is different but still enjoyable.


It’s just not Christmas without watching _________.

For me, it’s A Christmas Story & It’s a Wonderful Life. Those are my two go-to Holiday movies and just doesn’t feel right if I don’t get a viewing of them in.

Also, there is ample viewing of Hallmark Christmas movies.  Sometimes we stay on that channel all day and sometimes it’s just catching a movie here or there.

Old Tradition

There is no longer a family Christmas, which breaks my heart in so many ways. But when there was, we always did it the full weekend before Christmas. This way most everyone could come without other Christmas hub hub getting in the way. And usually, we could spend a good part of the weekend together, not just the single day.


We don’t have a lot of traditions, so please leave me yours. Hopefully, we can add in a few more to our traditions to make it, even more, Christmas feeling each year.