January Makeup Bundle ends January 17, 2018

January Makeup Bundle

Happy New Year you all.  Hopefully, you all ready to read some great content for 2018 and enter to win some amazing fun prizes. Starting off 2018 with this January makeup bundle that you should love.

I’ve had this eyeshadow palette around for you all for quite some time. But the brush cleaner is something I picked up on Cyber Monday for myself & you all. I used it once really quickly and it seems to work fairly well.

January Makeup Bundle

January Makeup Bundle

It’s easy to enter to win.  Just follow the Gleam platform below & remember to come back daily for your daily entries. Entries may also change over the course of the giveaway. The USA only, please.

Winner will have 48 hours from the time I email them as winner to get back to me otherwise I will be forced to pick a new winner.

January Makeup Bundle (1 of 1)

Good luck and have fun!

January Makeup Bundle

Now that you have entered mine, hop around below to find some more fun giveaways to enter.

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  • Natalie

    I typically use the brushes that come with the eyeshadow.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I have a separate brush set I use.

  • Karley Moore

    I have a lot of makeup brushes, but I always end up using the ones that come with the makeup. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Debbie P

    I usually use the brushes that come with.

  • Cali W.

    I use different brushes usually; thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  • Jennifer Bowen

    i use the one it comes with but if i have more then one i like to have more then one bush or have some way to clean them so that the colors dont get mixed up

  • GJordan

    Different brushes

  • allysmama

    It depends. I like quality brushes, so sometimes I have to use different ones.

  • Brittany

    The ones that come with my eyeshadows

  • Laurajj

    I do a little of both. Sometimes I use the one included, and othertimes I will use one of my own.

  • Jennylyn Gross


  • Darlene Carbajal

    I use the ones that come with the eyeshadows.

  • Maria B

    It depends , but I usually use the ones that come with eyeshadows.

  • Sara

    I use the ones that come with the eyeshadows and keep all my other brushes seperate

  • Cheryl Everitt

    I use my own separate brushes which I replace on a regular basis.

  • I usually use both my own and the ones that come with it.

  • Holly Thomas

    I mostly always use my own separate makeup brushes.

  • Sammantha D.

    I use separate brushes for mine, although those little ones can be useful for certain looks.

  • Anita

    I use separate brushes on mine

  • dglitter

    I usually use separate brushes, as I’ve found the brushes that come with makeup aren’t very good for the most part.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Yes, I do sepreate them.


  • Jeanna Schirm Massman

    I usually use the brushes that come with the set.

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  • Cathy Thompson

    We always use separate brushed, we don’t usually use the ones with the makeup at all.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I use separate makeup brushes.

  • Lisa Bourlier

    I use a separate set, don’t usually like the ones that come with the makeup!

  • Judy Cox

    I use separate sets, because I do not like using the same over and over!!!

  • Zoey

    I usually use separate brushes, although if the brushes that come in a palette are nice, I might work those in as well.

  • Melanie Corning

    i use the ones that come with the shadow

  • NightFire

    Use separate brushes

  • Leela

    The ones that come with them.

  • Sara

    Definitely separate

  • natash lamoreu

    I always use seperate brushes. Most of my palletes don’t even come with brushes.

  • I use separate brushes

  • Esperanza Garcia Gailliard-Élz

    I usually use separate makeup brushes other than the ones that come with my products.

  • Julie Lynn

    Some products I use the brush it comes with, but I have separate brushes for some products.

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  • Helen

    Sometimes, if I am in a hurry, I will use the one that comes with it, but I prefer other makeup brushes

  • Lesley F

    I use separate brushes

  • Mary Gardner

    Sometimes I use the brushes that come with my makeup if they are good brushes but I have a set of separate brushes that I use more often.

  • kathypease

    I use separate makeup brushes