What Will My 2018 Be Focused On


Word of the year. The first time I ever heard this, I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. What? Pick a word for the year that you’ll center your life around? What does that even mean? But then I did it one or two years and I liked it. It worked. At least loosely. Last year I didn’t pick one out at all and it showed with my blogging and just my life in general.

Knowing I wanted to pick out a word for this year but yet still gaining back my energy from being sick. I was feeling behind. But then realized that quite a few of us bloggers were having issues getting back into the swing of the things after the Holidays and a lot of us are quiet right now. So I felt I’d just let it flow and gradually get back into the swing of things and build back up.

My mind has gone around and around on what word/s I wanted to pick this year. How would be my 2018 be focused on? What would give me what I need? I ended up with one of my words pretty quickly but I wanted another one more blog focused as I felt the one wasn’t so much blog focused. It came to me the other morning while looking at a fellow bloggers vision board.  I had it. I was so excited.


What Will My 2018 Be Focused On

The first word that came to mind was the following. Because I knew I wanted to travel more again, even just simple overnighters. We needed to get out more again and do fun things. This last year did not have that much at all and we need to blend that back into our lives.


My first word. What my gut most powerfully threw out into the Universe. I want to get out and explore more. Use my sweet Wheel Wednesday rides and get out there again. Find what is out there. See old stomping grounds. Spend a bit of money to put travel back into our lives. 2016, my first year with DriveShop, ended up having so many little adventures with all our little rides. It was fun. It was fairly easy and last minute thoughts.

Who knows maybe I’ll even be able to work with other hotel and travel areas to get some sponsored stuff on the blog, so we can explore and share with you all at the same time.

Plus while we explored quite often when we were out doing that, there would be a sponsored YES that would come in. Maybe with adding back in that more YESES will come in again too. We would laugh because almost like clockwork there would be one that would come in that following morning on our adventures.

Throwing in with explore…


As I mentioned, this word didn’t come to me until recently. I knew I wanted to be more focused on the blog again, bring back my creative juices. Funny enough I almost went with Focus, which was my 2016 word. But I really didn’t want to use that word again, especially so soon after picking it. It had worked beautifully though on getting some things together on the blog and in life.

So thinking of what I could pick that would make me want to pick up this here blog and make it better. A lovely fellow blogger on Instagram had shown a vision board she made.  In big bold letters in the middle was grow.  I looked at that and my gut said YES there is your other word.

Grow. Not only do I want the blog and my social media channels to grow but I want me to grow in general. I want to say YES more to things. I want to put myself into things that leave me a bit uncomfortable, which let’s be truthful, is quite a bit. I want to grow me. While also growing the blog again and leaving me with a bit more income again. I don’t want to feel like a loser that just sits home on her bum and has nothing to show for it. Put me out there. Not to be afraid of no or being ignored.

Explore & Grow.

I think together these words are perfect for my 2018.  They blend together beautifully on doing things and making our life better again. Making me feel like something again.

What did you go with for a word or goal for 2018? I’d love to hear them all. Let’s support each other and make these words mean something.

I’ll likely be throwing together a little list of things I’d like to happen in 2018 as well soon. Maybe next Friday.