2019 Catch the Moment 365 Week 4 #CatchtheMoment365

There are a lot of photos from this 2019 Catch the Moment 365 Week 4, that I completely forgot to take a photo until way late in the evening. At least though they are not just all Roxy in those instants, I tried to get a bit creative when I remembered.

I hate that when I go to type these posts that I really can’t remember what happened in the last week. Unless of course, it was big and memorable. I’d like to do more of a run down but the actual points of the week elude me.

Maybe I need to start jotting down a little note from each day just for this post, make it a bit more “wordy”. What do you all think?

For now though, I give you a little peek in our last week…

2019 Catch the Moment 365 Week 4

Day 22 – Tuesday, January 22nd – Roxy was feeling super cuddly and looked cute so I had to snap a photo. Just look at those back legs curled up to her face.

Day 23 – Wednesday, January 23rd – Our master bedroom closet. It’s weirdly shaped and set up, yet kind of big. It’s weird and quirky, I guess just like the rest of the house. I would love for it though to be set up slightly better and make it a bit easier to get those back row of clothes. Can you guess why this photo was taken though? If you guessed because I forgot until I was getting ready for bed, you win!

Day 24 – Thursday, January 24th – Headache day. Seems to me, that my head quite likes waking up on Thursdays with a headache. Normally during into a full blown painful migraine. While it was painful, I didn’t have nausea this go around, so I don’t think it was a migraine this time. Thankfully. Started the diffuser with peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus before I laid down and that seemed to help.

Day 25 – Friday, January 25th – One of those evenings where I forgot about a photo until way later in the evening. Photo session with Roxy it was and this photo made me giggle. See her little tongue sticking out?

Day 26 – Saturday, January 26th – My sweet little fortune that was in my DaBomb Bath Bomb. Love that their bath bombs have little treats in them. Cuteness!

Day 27 – Sunday, January 27th – Video shot day for my Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold campaign. We had to make a video in tasty style. Levi, our next door neighbor, came over to help us and we were forever grateful. This little set up was just a fun photo before we filmed. You can find the video here on youtube (ad).

Day 28 – Monday, January 28th – Jason and I walked down to La Bottega to have a late lunch. Going later in the day but before dinner so I could get some more photos for an upcoming Local Tuesday feature on them. Feeling a little less weird walking around taking photos with only one other table occupied and the workers there. Only a little though!

How was your week?